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Steven Tyler & Rock Fantasy Camp @ Playboy Mansion.

Steven Tyler & Rock Fantasy Camp Celebrate @ Playboy Mansion


Corey Feldman a Playboy Mansion regular with some beautiful bunnies.



–A Metal Sludge Exclusive from The Playboy Mansion


By Gerry Gittelson

Metal Sludge Contributor

LOS ANGELES — Party like a rock star? Steven Tyler took the concept to a new level Saturday when he hosted the Rock N Roll Fantasy Camp closing party at Playboy Mansion, where sex, drugs and rock and roll all shined brightly under a full moon.

A bunch of beautiful playboy bunnies and some super-hot female guests that jumped into the grotto took care of the sex part; a constant stream of free cocktails and gourmet food — and whatever folks were doing in the bathroom, ha ha —  took care of the drugs part; and the great Aerosmith singer Tyler, along with the campers and an all-star group of counselors led by Kip Winger, took care of the rock and roll part; 

It was one helluva night.


Steven Tyler mingles in the crowds!

Former Alice Cooper Band member and solo artist Kip Winger.

A few lovely blonds at the Playboy Mansion party.
It’s a dirty job, but someones gotta do it. Gerry G with Bunnies poolside.

Founded by East Coast rock impresario David Fishof, the Rock N Roll Fantasy camp is celebrating its 15-year anniversary — it’s a week-long fun fest where adults of all shape and size pluck down 10 grand to play with real rock stars including making a CD and performing a closing concert – and the camp is more popular than ever.

“It’s been a great week,” Winger said.

Tyler showed up a little after dark. He was supposed to sing with some of the camp bands but was having voice problems, so he just hung out, gave high-fives and judged the bands – something that fit right into his wheel house as an American Idol judge.


Jack Russell of Great White seems to be everywhere.


A hot blond does a quick equipment check right in the middle of the party.

A RnR camper jams with the Stars.

Though Tyler was not supposed to sing, he could not resist himself when one of the bands broke into a version of “Livin’ On The Edge,” as Tyler shared lyrics while singing into a mic a few feet in front of the stage — as a huge bodyguard guarded him and menacingly shined a flashlight into the camera of everyone who was trying to take a picture.

Marc Stefanski, 58, a bank executive from Chicago, was among the campers.

“I’ve been playing since I was 14 but wow did I learn a lot this week,” Stefanski said. “I really liked playing with (ex-KISS guitarist) Bruce Kulick, too.”


Sexy brunettes were also on hand.


Fine foods are always served at the Playboy Mansion.


Party goers celebrate. Booze, Playmates & Rock N’ Roll.

Another camper, Tony Michalak from St. Louis, was a lead singer for the first time in his life. He did a great job – better than a lot of Hollywood bands that wore makeup back in the day, that’s for sure.

“My knees were shaking but I had a blast,” he said.

As the festivities went on, the counselors started jamming, and among the standouts once again was Jack Russell, who came through with a torrid version of “Jumpin’ Jack Flash.”


Hello, welcome to the Playboy Mansion.


Mark Hudson has wrote songs for artists from Aerosmtih to Ringo Starr.

David Fishof founder of Rock N’ Roll Fantasy Camp near the grotto.

The party went deep into the evening, and the memories get a bit blurry once it was time to jump on the shuttles and head back to the parking lot in Century City. But one thing is for sure: Everyone had an amazing time.

You can reach Gerry Gittelson at gspot@metalsludge.tv

A huge thanks to the fine folks at Playboy for hooking us up.

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