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“Great White has always been under my direction, in every aspect.” Jack Russell

"Great White has always been under my direction, in every aspect."Jack Russell

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Jack Russell of Great White and a few die hard fans!


Jack Russell lets it rip in another exclusive Metal Sludge tour diary!

"Great White has always been about the fans." Jack Russell

Metal Sludge Exclusive

Jack Russell Tour Diary #8

Well now, whoa -what a week, The show in Indy was off the hook!  The place was packed with over 1300 J.R.G.W. fans. The response was overwhelming and I must admit I got a little teary eyed both nights, Indy and Bolingbrook. You people are the best! 

Chi-town was nuts as well and the place was stuffed. Everyone was having a blast!  So many comments about this being the best Great White shows they had ever seen. Thanks for that. The band is really kicking ass!

Now on a dark note, it seems my former band mates think that the "sounds and image of classic Great White" had nothing to do with me, and that I "never contributed substantially to songs or creative direction" of MY band.  They have filed a counterclaim against myself, my band members and my booking agency.  I want to make it perfectly clear that Great White has always been under my direction, in every aspect.  Nothing happened without my say so and approval, and I will fight for what is rightfully mine and my legacy.  Despite their lies, Great White is my baby, my vision and MY VOICE.  The sound of Great White IS yours truly, Mr. Jack Russell.

I also would like to apologize to Mike S.,  as he was un-friended by some of my former band mates after posting some photos of one of my shows. Great White has always been about the fans.  Remember guys, they are the ones who bought our albums, came to our shows and allowed us to live the life of our dreams. For the most part,  these are people who would come and see us both, why alienate them? This is between us so please leave our fans and friends out of our business. I’ve mentioned this before and I don’t understand why the un-friendathon is still going on, so please take a moment and think of the people who have been with us all these years.  They deserve more than that…. Oh my God, NO WAY, I CAN’T BELIEVE IT! IV’E BEEN UN-FRIENDED TOO!  What’s the world coming to? LOL !   

As I said, the shows were great and most especially, getting to sing for all my dear old friends, thank you for such a heartfelt welcome home, you have always meant the world to me and you always will. Love to you all.

See ya on the road,

Captain Jack "Mista Bone" Russell

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