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Piers Morgan applauds Axl Rose in his rejecting the HoF!

Piers Morgan applauds Axl Rose in his rejecting the HoF!


The legendary line up of Guns N’ Roses


Only in America: Piers Morgan applauds Axl Rose

On Thursday, Piers Morgan used his "Only in America" segment to pull on his skin-tight leather pants, and come to the defense of Axl Rose.

Having seen Guns N’ Roses perform live in 1991, the "Piers Morgan Tonight" host confessed to being a fan of the front man:

"He screeched, he strutted, he strummed and smashed his way through two hours of blistering Guns N’ Roses musical fury," described Morgan. "And it was, without any doubt, the single most dangerous, exciting, stunning thing I’ve ever seen anybody do on any stage, ever."

More than 20 years since exploding on Morgan’s senses, the singer continues to impress him as "the Chuck Norris of rock, a bad-ass renegade whose ‘Appetite for Destruction’ is as angry and authentic as it was 25 years ago."

In rejecting an invitation to be inducted into The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Morgan concluded that Rose cemented his legacy:

"Axl reacted the way I assumed, and hoped, he would react. He shredded the invitation to pieces and threw it out of the hotel room along with the TV," Morgan explained. "Then he fired off a long and appropriately rambling open letter slamming the honor, refusing to accept it, and making it quite clear, that he even if hell froze over, he would have nothing to do with the Hall of Fame or a Guns N’ Roses reunion."

Against critics citing Rose’s refusal as disrespectful, Morgan applauds his authenticity:

"In an era where even Mick Jagger, of all people, accepted a knighthood from Her Majesty The Queen, thus conferring on himself the title of official Rock’n’Roll fuddy-duddy, thank god there’s still one wild man out there prepared to fly the flag for real rockers."

Only in America, declares Morgan: "Tonight, I salute Axl Rose. You crazy, untamed, sublimely talented, outlaw of a man. And for everyone who disapproves of that, ‘Welcome to the Jungle.’"

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