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Jack Russell: “I noticed it was one of the buses my old band & I had used. It made me kinda sad.”

Jack Russell: "I noticed it was one of the buses my old band & I had used before.

It made me kinda sad."


GREAT WHITE with JACK RUSSELL a thing of the past?


Another tour diary entry from Jack Russell.

Oh yeah, another great week. We left on thursday night on the tour bus to Sacramento. This will be the bus we will be using for the "America Rocks" tour so we thought we’d give it a trial run.

I honestly thought I would never tour by tour bus again, so it was very cool. When I went aboard I noticed it was one of the many buses my old band and I had used before. It made me kinda sad, lots of good memories.

The show in Sacramento was amazing (sold out), as was the audience. This band just keeps getting better. It amazes me how in such a short time, all this was pulled together.
Once again I have a band of brothers. After the show we met with the fans, signed autographs,took pictures etc. then we rolled on to Corona in southern California. This show was also sold out and we had a great time. I had forgotten how much fun this is! It is so heartwarming to have the audience showing me so much love and appreciation for the talents that God has blessed me with, and being sober again makes it all the better.

I was on the tour bus eating a banana and I got off to go inside to do sound check. As I was walking in I threw the peel in the parking lot. Dario saw this and said "dude you should pick that up". I told him I would when sound check was finished. On my way back to the bus I had forgotten all about it, until I stepped on it and landed on my ass! Who in the hell ever really steps on banana peels? That’s cartoon shit, right? Not if your Jack Russell. I swear to God that is the second time in my life I have slipped on my own peel. Go figure.

I am really looking forward to hanging at some of the events and parties at the upcoming Rock N Roll Fantasy Camp . Just got off the phone with my old friend Kip Winger to decide what songs I’ll be singing at the opening party on May 2. I’ll also be attending the party at the Playboy Mansion, which will feature the campers performing with my friend Steven Tyler. I’m looking forward to seeing some old friends and making some new ones. That will be a crazy week, as the band is also performing at The Canyon Club in Agoura Hills, CA on May 3, and The Coach House in San Juan Capistrano, CA on May 4. Then we’re in the south bay at the Brixton in Redondo Beach on May 12. Can’t wait to see you all out there.

Until the next report, God bless you all and keep rockin’.

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