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Jack Russell “It’s been a great couple of weeks, on the road this weekend.”

Jack Russell "It’s been a great couple of weeks, on the road this weekend."


Robin McAuly & Jack Russell March 2012


Another installment of the Jack Russell tour diary.

Hello Shipmates,

It’s been a great couple of weeks. I went out to March Airforce base, and the American Forces Network did a two hour special on me. After we finished, they presented me with a coin from the Department of Defence, quite a moment for me!  The interview went great and you can check it out on our website soon. It was broadcast live to over a million people worldwide, quite an experience,  and I want to thank all involved, I had a great time. I want to extend my gratitude to all our armed forces, you people are the best. My father was a paratrooper in WW11 and he jumped in Normandy and the Battle of the Buldge, so hats off to you all!

I also had the great pleasure to do an interview with Lawless Radio, you can  check it out on my Facebook page or on the website. Great guys over there!

On Sunday the 18th we celebrated my wife Heather’s 39th birthday.  We had a wonderfull time with some close friends and bandmates.  Happy birthday love!  

A few days ago Heather and I went to check out Michael Schenker and Robin McAuley in Redondo Beach. They were great and Robin sang his ass off!  Later we hung out and talked about old times and the recent goings on, it was great to see him again. 

I went surfing this morning with a dear friend of mine who is a world class surfer. It was the first time I had been on a board in years, although I’m not sure if what I was doing could be called surfing but it was a great time swallowing water and eating sand, it’s not quite like riding a bike but I’ll get back in the groove soon.

This past Sunday the 25th Heather and I celebrated our one year anniversary,  I can’t believe she is still sane, I’m not the easiest person to live with, lead singer disorder and all. I took her and my cousins Naomi and Sean to Disneyland, as Heather is from Denver and she has never been  (actually it’s because I love DL). 

We’re back on the road this weekend:

Jerome Idaho at "DIAMONDZ" on March 30

Tacoma Washington at "BACKSTAGE" on March 31.

Check the website for tour dates  www.JACKSGREATWHITE.com.

Thank you all for your support.

Peace and Love, 

Captain Jack "Mista Bone" Russell 

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