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Bang Tango singer barfs on stage during Monsters of Rock Cruise

Monsters of Rock Cruise makes Joe LeSte do the Barf Tango!


Joe LeSte of Bang Tango rocks the Monsters of Rock Cruise!


The Monsters of Rock Cruise hit the high seas last week with the likes of Cinderella, Tesla, KIX, Faster Pussycat, Lynch Mob and Bang Tango. Not sure if Joe LeSte was partying hard, or just got a little sea sick . The word is, Joe got a LOT of sea sick right as the band started their encore with their biggest hit song.

It’s only rock n’ roll folks! We gotta say Joe was a pro. One second he is chirpping up chunks behind an ampeg bass rig, and the next minute he’s belting out the band MTV hit "Someone Like You." The band never lost a beat.

We have a play by play, with still photos of Joe doing the BARF TANGO!


Band starts "Someone Like You" Joe is blowing chunks behind Ampeg Bass rig!


Joe emerges to sing, but a second round of barf has different plans for him.


Joe does the BARF TANGO as the band holds the music down.


Joe gathers himself, then uses his t-shirt to wipe barf off his face like a true rocker.


Joe is back, and they’re rocking. Crowd goes wild as he belts our "Someone Like You"


1st verse is done, but time for round 3 of barf! Joe heads to the Ampeg to barf again!


Joe returns after 3 rounds of Barf, to sing Verse #2 and rock the crowd!


Joe lifts his arm in triumph as they complete a near 9 minute version of "Someone Like You"

To watch the BARF TANGO video, go check it out HERE!

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