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Jack Russell’s Great White Tour Diary Starts!

Jack Russell’s Great White Tour Diary Starts!


Jack Russell’s Great White


It’s been a while since we’ve done a tour diary, so we thought what better person to give us a journal than Jack Russell. It’s well documented what has happened over the years in the life of Jack Russell and he’s recently launched his new version of Great White. Jack has agreed to let you inside his world, sdoe’ll let  himtake it from here.


Picked Matthew up at LAX from Dallas.  Drove out to Robby’s studio.  Rehearsed there for a couple of nights, then moved to sound stage for full production rehearsals.  Claude, our front of house guy (and tour manager) is awesome!

As we were rehearsing, I looked around the room and laughed out loud-what a nutty bunch of people. Its as if a bomb went off in a mental hospital-but they do say there’s a fine line between insanity and genius, but I have yet to figure which side of the line we are all on.  We get a long like we’ve known each her for years-and some of us have.  The coolest thing about it is that I’ve never heard my songs sound so good.  We’re all full of energy, positivity and as hungry as I’ve ever seen.

I’m really excited about the upcoming shows, as this has been the longest I’ve been off the stage in my entire career.  You guys can wish me luck, but please don’t say "break a leg"…

Captain Jack Russell.

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