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Pete Evick of Bret Michaels Band issues ‘Big Rock Guitars’

Pete Evick of Bret Michaels Band releases "Big Rock Guitars"


Pete Evick guitarist of EVICK & Bret Michael’s Band



EVICK release an Ode to Eddie Van Halen with "Big Rock Guitars" song

For Immediate Release

Feb 10 2011

EVICK also known as BMB (THE BRET MICHAELS BAND) releases guitar filled single called "BIG ROCK GUITARS” to directly celebrate the return of his hero Eddie Van Halen. Just in time, as Ed retakes the thrown as the worlds greatest guitarist this week with the latest Van Halen disc. Guitarist and singer Pete Evick is a Van Halen fanatic, one of the lyrics in the single  "Big Rock Guitars” claims “I still like the sound of my favorite song coming on the radio, even though Eddie wrote that fucking song 20 years ago."

Pete Evick, best known as Guitar Player in the Bret Michaels Band for nearly a decade, also has his own band appropriately titled EVICK. When asked if its his ego that requires him to name his band after himself, his answer is always simple: “No its juts what VAN HALEN did." with a fun laugh.

Pete was born, raised and still lives in his hometown of Manassas Virginia. Evick has ridden a pretty amazing wave in the music industry in the last few years, As a Guitar Player you can hear his licks on the theme song to VH1s highest rates reality show, "ROCK OF LOVE", the BRET MICHAELS song is called “GO THAT FAR” and was also featured in one of the worlds most popular video games “GUITAR HERO 3." The song was also heard during the Ms Universe Pageant 2010 and its video featuring Pete Evick was number 1 for twelve weeks on Vh1’s countdown. The song “RIDING AGAINST THE WIND” also by Bret Michaels, with Evick on guitar, was heard as the opening to the hit series “LIFE AS I KNOW IT." Currently the latest Bret Michael’s single “GET YOUR ROCK ON” that has an alternate lyric version called "GET YOUR RIDE ON" is heard on the speed channels opening to SUPERCROSS every saturday night. The track also includes Phil Collen from Def Leppard and Sal Costa from My Darkest Days. His guitar playing has also been heard on the nickelodeon series Penguins of Madagascar, as well as a few other cable and network Tv shows.

 As a Producer, Engineer and Protools Editor, Pete has sat along side Bret Michaels to produce one Top 40 record “ROCK MY WORLD” and the top 20 record “CUSTOM BUILT." Pete recently mixed a couple tracks for his good friend Steve Brown up coming TRIXTER album, a track from New York based band TOXIN and the up and coming metal band DRIVEN LIVID. It don’t stop there. Pete has also worked with Goth rock legends GODHEAD. Recently he was awarded Gold for his work on the "THE FINAL RIOT” from Paramore and Platinum for his work on “The Sound of Madness Delux Edition” from Shinedown. Add to this, Pete has recieved an ASCAP award for his contribution to sound and music in reality TV.


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