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Nikki Sixx calls Sully from Godsmack an angry midget!

Nikki Sixx calls Sully from Godsmack an angry midget!


Nikki Sixx calls Sully of Godsmack an angry midget!


Nikki Sixx is quite an iuteresting guy. Anyone ever read his Tweets? You should. You’ll find that the Sixx’ster is pretty funny at times, brutally honest – and actually a pretty positive guy.  Most of the time. Today he threw out some gasoline, but hey – it’s all in the name of Rock!

Speaking of rock – Motley Crue are in Sin City this week in rehearsals gearing up for their residency from Feb 3rd thru the 19th.  Maybe the Sin in the City has made Nikki rear some of his devil horns this week. One can only assume after he took a twitter swing at a member of former tour support act Godsmack.

We grabbed a few of his recent posts, which show you what he had for lunch the other day and what he thinks of Sully Erna! Enjoy…

From Nikki Sixx’s official Twitter.

Nikki Sixx
Oh my god, I’m a bully? Hahha

1 hour ago


How many phone books is Sully standing on! Scroll down to find out!

Nikki Sixx

We’re looking for an angry midget for our Vegas show’s and was thinking of using the singer from godsmack.

4 hours ago

Nikki Sixx

It’s the Lord day and Motley Crue is in Vegas…That just sounds dirty…..

10 hours ago

Nikki Sixx

Its gonna get messy…

22 hours ago

Nikki Sixx’s lunch!

Nikki Sixx

This came with my room service

28 Jan

Nikki Sixx

Breaking out songs we haven’t played in years…

22 hours ago


Sully also made our list for Top 10 Shortest Rock Stars.

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