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Ever use the toilet with a famous person?

Ever use the toilet with a famous person?


Got any paper you hand under the stall, I’m all out over here!

Ever use the toilet with a famous person?

Well, these people claim they have and here are their stories.

BUMSEX writes:

me, not really. jeremy mayfield way back in the infield at a race back when he was only known as cup driver instead of being jeremy methfield. kevin cogan too once whos claim to fame was taking out mario andretti and crashing into aj foyt before the ’82 indy 500 even started. i need higher quality celebs to piss with…

mrspeedgene writes:

No, but I have been to some shows where the band took a shit onstage…music wise.

Ckgent writes:

nope, i took a shit in the cubicle next to the one the singer from crashdiet was in. he stunk the place out.

Gazpacho writes:

Yeah, took a piss next to Jason Newstead at The Rainbow. Talked to him about Flotsam & Jetsam, didn’t mention a word about Metallica.

Crazy Levi writes:

Sugar ray leonard at a boxing match in dc around 1992.  Ryan adams at a rehearsal studio in NYC 5 years or so ago.

sliquor writes:

I took a leak next to The American Dream – Dusty Rhodes. I talked to him outside the bathroom & shook his hand but I hesitated as I noticed he he didn’t wash his hands after he took a leak. I figured fuck it it’s Dusty! & then I washed my hands.

johnk5150 writes:

I took a shit in the stall next to Emeril in Florida two years ago. He had a wide stance.

Ham Stroker’s Ejacula writes:

Back in ’96 or ’97 I was at an ECW house show and I was standing at a urinal when King Kong Bundy busted in there and saddled up next to me. He was going on about how the kids wouldn’t let him take a piss in peace ala "Jesus Christ, I can’t even take a fucking piss without some little shit trying to gladhand my dong, for fuck’s sake."

JDoom writes:

John Fogerty at Hard Rock Cafe in Nashville, like 1997.

Bassmaster1984 writes:

John Larraquette in a rest stop in Blythe. Tall dude very strange.

KCHalen writes:

Eddie Van Halen at the Hard Rock Hotel on the VH3 tour at when they played back to back nights at the joint.

JesseRock writes:

Comedian Steve Harvey, Las Vegas McCarran International Airport, this past summer. I didn’t want to bother him. What would we talk about?

chuckstar writes:

whitfield from ukj (he was in Life of agony at the time) I asked him "like watching your career isnt it?"

captinzander writes:

at a little bar in Madison WI just off state street- seeing cheap trick in 1994. the band had to use one bathroom in the place that everyone else had to use. and after i was done i noticed next to me was the one and only Bun E. Carlos. no, i did not say anything.

ActionJackson writes:

A very strung out Dee Dee Ramone in the last 90’s … St. Andrews Hall in Detroit…

tyladog writes:

A VERY high Chris Robinson in Hollywood, late 1990’s. It was right around the time they were fighting with Rick Rubin & American records, so he and his buddy were bitching about that.

chadcroz writes:

Jani Lane in the late 90’s at a small club they were playing in La Crosse, WI.

texas_surfer writes:

Kiefer Sutherland at a club in downtown Ft Worth at a Jude Cole concert around 1993. I think he was in town filming a movie and was friends with Jude Cole. Was a line for the bathroom and did’nt realize that he was the guy in front of me until someone coming out of the bathroom recognized him and stopped and wanted to shake hands with him. Keifer hesitated at first as if he was wondering if the guy had washed his hands ha. He was super short. Prob 5′ 5" or so. by the time we got into the bathroom, we did end up at side by side urinals.

40oz writes:

Dennis Rodman – at the Anaheim House of Blues ~2001 at Vince Neil solo show. Headed towards the bathroom and saw Chris Jerico hanging with 2 chicks at the base of the stage, then when I walked into the bathroom Rodman was pulling away from the urinal. I gave him a very drunk "What up Dennis? " along with a McGuire/Canseco forearm bash as he walked by. He was wasted too and just said "Yo Yo Yo". Haha.

$tevil writes:

I walked into the bathroom in a tiny strip club in Pasadena and it was 1 stall, and 1 urinal. The entire room was about 5×8 feet in total size. I never pee at urinals, so I waited a second to use the stall. Who walks out? Diamond David Lee Roth.

Garbageman writes:

I had Robert Plant waiting for my urinal in the tine bathroom at the Cathouse (the Highland location). That was a real trip.

I was next to Jason Bonham at Camp Hollywood and he was getting bothered by some fanboys. This was right around the time of the 1988 Atlantic Records show where he first played in a Zeppelin reunion. He told the fanboys he was doing his own project, said "It’s called Bonham," and I busted up laughing. The fanboys were dumbfounded, then asked "Are Jimmy and Robert going to help you out?" which pissed Jason off.

The funniest was probably a wasted Paul Westerberg during the Debbie Gibson "Electric Youth" release party Atlantic held at Ed Debevic’s in Beverly Hills. People were taking turns holding him up by that point.


Pissed next to Dave Grohl during a Paul McCartney show @ Hollywood Bowl.

ChowderheadCheerleader writes:

I once was using an urinal and the Nelson Twins walked into the bathroom and took the 2 next to me. Talk about chatty, they would not SHUT THE FUCK UP. Cool guys though.

Earl Skakel writes:

A few of mine:

Michael J Fox at The Fabulous Forum/late 80’s at a Kings game-now if you ever took a piss there you had to walk down a flight of stairs to a piss drenched floor and mostly horse trough style urinals. So I’m standing next to Fox taking a piss when a guy comes up to him mid piss and he’s pretty ripped and puts his arm around Fox and says "Mcfly,Mclfy can I have an autograph?" Fox just looks at me with a look of WTF and I said to him "he thinks your the guy from Back To The Future" and we both had a laugh.

Matt Sorum at The Forum Club in The Fabulous Forum/93’sh-in the bathroom pissing and he looks at me knowing I probably know who he is and says to me "what’s up dude"and I said "your bank account"and then I left as I had a girl waiting for me who looked like a cross between Abdullah The Butcher and Kamala but had like 55 DDD tits and a pussy that look like a bologna factory blew up in a fisherman’s net so I didn’t have time to BS that night. The best part was she told me I could blast inside her and I shot a load that could have covered the infield of any ballpark in case of rain delay.

ar1888 writes:

Pete Rose at the MGM grand in Vegas around 93/94.

ProTool writes:

I needed to take a piss at a club one night, and as I started to walk towards the mens room, I noticed James Hetfield heading for the can at the same time. I turned around and waited for him to leave. That would have been way too fucking weird.

ncsu86 writes:

Lawrence Taylor and a celeb golf tourney back in the late 80’s. Jim Palmer walked in as I was walking out.

infamous writes:

Jimmy page mid 90’s at a club in Burnaby Bc

Timmy writes:

Pissed next to Bill Maher at the Rainbow in ’98 or ’99. Asked him which condom he was going to get out of the machine on the wall to use on the slutty girl he was dancing with. I suggested the ribbed or the glow in the dark one… He just smiled

Blumpkin King writes:

I pissed next to Lars one time. At the Stone during a Megadeth show. I think it was late 1984 or early 1985. I remember at 14 I was a skinny and puny kid and I was still bigger than Lars.

Artemis2085 writes:

Was at a KISS show and hit up one of the backstage restrooms. recognized the guy who just walked in next to me at the urinal. It was the bassist from Buckcherry. A quick "hello" and "great show". Very friendly guy.

panteraman319 writes:

Took a piss next to Anselmo and Pepper Keenan at The House of Blues in Chicago in 2007

Bruce Chickenson writes:

to Paul Dianno and also Nick Simmons, wouldn’t call Simmons famous but hey.

John Simon Ritchie writes:

Maybe not "famous", but Texas Terri pissed in the bathroom sink while I was taking a leak once.

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