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Tracii Guns on Dilana: “I did tell her I hate her guts!”

Tracii Guns on Dilana: "I did tell her I hate her guts!"


Tracii Guns to Dilana: "I hate your guts!"


Wow what a weekend it has been for 80s rock.Tracii Guns eyes Sebastian Bach as possible singer for new project.

First LA Guns blows up, then Great White. And before you could scream cocked and loaded Tracii Guns hired LA Guns a new singer. In less than 24 hours. Now Guns posted a statement online talking about how he "hates her guts". Shortly after he made those comments, he mentioned wanting to get Sebastian Bach into the music mix. We grabbed some of Tracii’s exchange with his fan base (or what we’ll refer to here as ball lickers) off the internet.

Q&A with fans on the interweb.Tracii starts exchange with the following statement: 

Tracii Guns:  I think it’s pretty clear why she is gone. It speaks for itself. I don’t dislike her or hate her , although she did piss me off to the point where I did tell her I hate her guts and I probably really did at that moment. I also asked her if she wanted to finish out the tour and the reply from here manager was " She wants to do Atlanta and New Years eve" I said its all or nothing, and she said no. I think it’s safe to say she quit lol!. Btw her manager is still working with us to get the tour finished out so, it’s also safe to say that no one is freaking out except one person. I will say this though, what a bitchen band it was for a few minutes! Smiley face – new year comin, time for a change.

Super Mod Writes: I gotta say, her immediate announcement of trying to capitalize with a book says it all for me.

TG:  Ya right? I am so insignificant to her that she claims she’s gonna right a book based on her experience with me. Makes total sense to……….?

THE REG writes:  Friend chicken…….all due respect…..why not form a band with another name but also play some la guns tunes…………you will have the same attendance anyways at shows….try gettin Corabi in there….serious La guns was cool but if u and Phil aint playin together noone really cares….thats the truth friend……

TG:  Ya I think your right. Even if Phil and I got back together it wouldn’t make a difference. I’m just gonna do something new and bitchen!

Achilles Last Stand writes: Stick a fork in it.

TG:  Fuckin A!

Achilles Last Stand writes: have you given Sebastian Bach a call yet?

TG:  I am thinking about exactly that, I really have always gotten along with that dude, people closer to me and him always detour me from that phone call though. I think it would be very cool.

Alley Rules writes:Tracii, I’ve often told you that you should release an instrumental album. otherwise, take a break. get together with some buddies and start a new band dead serious here, you were one of my heroes back in the day and it makes me sad to see what has happened with you, you deserve better, man.

Note to Alley Rules. Dude, wipe your nose quick, it’s covered in Tracii Dung!

TG:  I have enough material for that type of record but, it’s not rock at all so maybe I will just leak some of the tunes. As far as putting something together for a new rock band, I will probably do that after the new year.

Hollywood Bowler writes: Hey Tracii, remember how I warned u on sludge about her (DIlana) and called her a cunt? Maybe it makes sense now.

TG: Yes I do! and no comment!

Animal writes: Please just DO NOT let her do the NYE gig. why give her the satisfaction. its obvious she only wants to do it cuz nye gigs usually pay more. if she cared about honoring a comittment, she wouldve finished off the tour. im actually REALLY looking forward to the show now that she’s gone, lol

TG:  Actually Michelle Truman from Abbamania is gone do NYE , she’s a fucking badass. Just a one off for her, go outta 2011 on a bang.

Huh? Another singer? For LA Guns? A new girl? For NYE? For a one off? Not shocked.

As for Tracii looking to Sebastian for a new project. Things that make you go hmmmm…3 days before the Dilana episode happened Mr. Guns tweeted the following:


  hit me up

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