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Tracii Guns names NEW singer (40th member) of LA Guns.

Tracii Guns names NEW singer (40th member) of LA Guns.


Tony West named the 11th singer & in total the 40th member of LA Guns.


This below was posted today from Tracii Guns on his official Twitter.

ok, here is the skinny. My buddy Tony West from Blacklist Union is gonna come and sing the rest of the tour out. Had an amazing time with Dilana belting it out . She is a star and I think will do just fine on her own. The rock will roll :)

Tracii also told Metal Sludge that Tony was just filling in for the next few shows. So, maybe there is yet another singer on the horizon for LA Guns?

A busy day on Twitter, as Tracii also posted his thoughts about Dilana.

Doni and I are sitting here reflecting on what a magical time we had with Dilana singing . We were told by everyone that it was taking a huge chance musically. That’s what it’s all about right? Taking chances! It was truely the best L.A. Guns I ever heard on stage hands down. I’m glad I took the chance and I’m glad it’s captured on video because now I can truely watch those videos and go WoW! Sometimes the greatest art comes from the madness and this was the case here . I know Dilana is ripping on every aspect of the situation and I know that’s how she vents so I am ok with it. I am glad alot of people got to see it live because I know it ruled. We are sad that it has to end so soon but, everything happens for a reason and we feel like we broke some ground just for arts sake and it fealt great! On to the next thing and into the Christmas season we go! Rock N Roll ……. Tracii

The stint with Dilana lasted 71 days, and we broke news about that earlier today HERE

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