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Dilana says: “This band (LA Guns) is a fukn joke!”

Dilana says: “This band (LA Guns) is a fukn joke!”


71 Days and it’s over?


What lasted shorter than Kim Kardashian’s marriage?

The answer is simple. Tracii Guns latest singer Dilana.

That’s right folks. The Rockstar Supernova runner up Dilana was announced as the new voice of LA Guns on September 29th 2011. That was 71 days ago and it now seems it all went tits up just as Metal Sludge predicted. Sorry Tracii, gotta call ‘em like we see ‘em.

Kim Kardashian and Kris Humprhies were married for 72 days, and Tracii Guns & Dilana Robichaux lasted 71 days.

There are several stories, reports, rumors and more on all this – but none could be more clear or direct than comments made by Dilana herself on her official facebook yesterday.

Posted Friday December 9th 2011:

The rest of the LA GUNS TOUR has been cancelled. Sorry to all the fans. I never quit. Tracii walked out sayiing THANK YOU, IT WAS FUN WHILE IT LASTED. This band is a fukn joke. I have a publisher fir a book. Starting on monday. I HATE that I have to give tracii this credit but oh well…”  Dilana

“I have ALL the notes written n some recorded about this very fukd up LA Guns tour!! One day, you will understand! My music will NEVER DIE. Going into the studio in Feb 2012 with my NEWcd!!!”  Dilana

Update: Tracii Guns names his 11th singer and officially the 40th member of LA Guns. He is also a TV star and a singer/song writer. His name is Tony West.

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