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“Nikki Sixx talks more shit than anyone.” Tracii Guns

"Nikki Sixx talks more shit than anyone and is globally adored" Tracii Guns


"Nikki Sixx talks more shit than anyone…." Tracii Guns


It’s been a crazy few months in the LA Guns camp. "What else is new?" would be an expected reaction from fans. This band is the hair band to Hollywood equal of Lindsay Lohan and Charlie Sheen. But no drama in recent memory has stirred the tattoo tour pot like the latest interview featuring Tracii Guns and his new frontwoman Dilana.

Below Tracii Guns talks about their recent “Live – Acoustic Gypsies” disc (Favored Nations) released on September 227th of this year. The pile up began when featured voice Jizzy Pearl abruptly departed the band 48 hours after the official record release party. It appears that the fog of this initial inicident is still lingering as more events crash into each other.

Tracii Guns wrote: “What do I like about the disk? I think it’s an honest representation of the performance, I think it was the best thing we could do without writing new material which for some reason was just not happening. I think the first 4 or 5 tunes are pretty decent. Something about it feels like it’s forced, . I think people that really dig Jizzys voice will love it. Jizzy is generally a very soulful singer and I don’t think it comes across the way it should and that’s not something that can just be fixed in the mix but, he was very happy with it so I figured I would go with his instinct. Maybe he actually didn’t like it and that’s why he split, I honestly don’t know, I never actually talked to him when he split. He only sent me an email saying it was time to move on so I tried to call him, never got a return call so I really don’t know. Time to move forward.”

The following, was posted on Dilana’s Facebook, and it appears that she was claiming unaware there was a tape rolling when the harsh interview was taped.

Dilana Robichaux wrote: "I am NOT happy with his either and have tried to get the guy to take it off the Internet. We didn’t even know he was rolling. And, we were pumped with adrenaline, right after a show and really just messing around…."

Nov. 17th 2011

Note: The above post now appears to have been removed from her profile.

Tracii then defends his current singer (Dilana) and her choice to speak harshly in the recent interview. There have been mixed reports, but here Tracii says she did know tape was rolling.

Tracii Guns wrote: “It was after a great show and we knew the tape was rolling, Dilana likes to get in character and raise hell. Cockiness can be a bad thing sometimes but, I don’t want anyone making excuses. People say shit all the time , if people can’t handle people talking shit about them, they are in the wrong business. No one pointed out the nice things she said about other people. It’s rock n roll, it’s not nice and it’s not pretty. Jimmy page never heard a riff he didn’t steal and yet he is still hailed as a genius guitar player and rightly so! Nikki’s Sixx talks more shit than anyone and is globally adored, Dilana had some shit on her mind and she let it out. Good for her, proves she has the balls although she is personally unhappy with what she said because she feels it may have hurt someone’s feelings. HEY, THE TRUTH REALLY FUCKING HURTS SOMETIMES,,,,, " if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything" does not apply to Rock n Roll. Axl said something about n*****s and f@ggots,,,, people hail him as a genius too….. Jerry Lee Lewis married his underaged cousin, Chuck Berry peed on a white girl,,,,,, I sat in a salad and watched someone eat it, Sid Vicious cut himself open and could barely play bass and he is an icon, George Bush used to snort blow and became president…l. so, really? Dilana should feel bad for her opinions? I don’t think so. Maybe the Rappers got it right, they never stop,talking shit and that music just keeps being popular right when rockers decided to write lame ass power ballads and try to look ass normal,as possible. Fuck that shit, that ain’t rock and roll, rebellion or unique. Of course this is just my opinion. Rock lost its erection and all the chicks bailed. At least Dilana has the talent to back her mouth up…”

Sounds like Tracii Guns is having a episode and denouncing power ballads and calling them lame? Maybe Tracii forgot where he came from. "Ballad Of Jayne" -"It’s Over Now" -"Kiss This Love Goodbye". Why play it if it’s lame? "Dilana doing Jayne".

We also reached out to Dilana publically on her Facebook and asked the following:

Metal Sludge wrote: “Maybe you’d like to do a interview with Metal Sludge and set a few things straight? For a lot of music, and LA Guns fans. And the fans of Gilby, Jizzy, Blotzer, Axl, Sixx & more? If you would like, we’d love to have you. Your recent interview (we picked up and ran) has hit a nerve with many people. Any interest to speak out. Please reach out. Regards, Metal Sludge.”

44 minutes ago

Nov. 17th 2011

Dilana replies below.

Dilana Robichaux wrote: “Not interested thanx Sludge. I have NOTHING to set straight!”

17 minutes ago

Nov. 17th 2011

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