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Tracii Guns. Dilana harsh words for Jizzy, Blozter & Gilby.

 Tracii Guns. Dilana harsh words for Jizzy, Blozter & Gilby

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Tracii Guns & Dilana give an extensive interview.


The fine folks over at NOIZE IN THE ATTIC recently talked at length with LA GUNS members Dilana & Tracii Guns. And it’s stirring the pot for sure. A fair amount of pretty harsh opinion is dished out on Gilby Clarke, Jizzy Pearl, Bobby Blotzer, Nikki Sixx & Axl Rose!

The interviewer begins the interview and says the questions are geared towards Tracii Guns.

Dilana chimes in: “It’s not like I am not the fucking voice of LA Guns right now you fucking bitches! You have NO questions for the voice of LA GUNS? What the fuck! Really?”

Dilana adds;: “When I first met Tracii. Like 2 and a half months ago, I never heard of LA Guns. I had never heard of their songs.”

On Jizzy Pearl:

Dilana on the latest LA Guns “Acoustic Gypsies” CD:  “I’m sorry to say. I listened to the songs. And I have to be honest. They were really hard to learn, because I couldn’t get through the whole track, without stopping it. Because I thought the voice was so – bad. That I could not focus. It was Jizzy. He has the most out of tune, out of pitch voice, of out connection, out of feeling voice I have ever heard in my life. I can’t get through a whole song without stopping it – It’s too painful for me.”

Dilana; “I’ve also been the boss of my bands.”

Tracii Guns jumps in: “Now she’s the boss of this band!” (laughing).

Tracii adds : “You know what she does? Umm, She does this to me. Right. There comes a situation, that she can handle, but doesn’t want to handle – she says… ‘it’s your band Tracii’..”

Dilana: “Tracii, it’s the other way around. I want to handle it. But I can’t handle it.”

Tracii: “Why can’t you?”

Dilana: “Because it’s your band dude.”

Interviewer: “Diplomatic?”

Dilana: “It’s got nothing to do diplomacy. That is the actual fucking truth! Because if I handle this band, and if I could. We’d be going places. We’d be fucking going places.”  

Tracii Guns: “I ain’t nothing without you (Dilana). I’ll tell you something. I’ll be really honest. If she ever bails on this band, I can’t do these songs anymore. No one is ever gonna do them like that. "


Dilana & Gilby Clarke on Rockstar Supernova

On Gilby Clarke:

Tracii Guns: “This is how long I have known Gilby. I have a picture of me….playing his guitar ( A pink Les Paul), while he was fronting Candy. He was like 20 and I was like 16.”

Dilana: “Dude, you (Tracii) fucking blow him the fuck away. Gilby Clarke? You know what? I don’t give a fuck man. He played on that show, they muted his guitar because it was so fucking bad.”

Interviewer & Tracii continue talk about Gilby, Electric Angeles & Candy.

Dilana: “I don’t care, my fucking point is, why does that guy (Gilby) have all this fucking credit, when he can’t even fucking play?”

Tracii:“He doesn’t really have the credit you think he does.”

Dilana: “He doesn’t?  Why was he on fucking Rock Star Supernova?”

Interviewer: “Because he was in Guns n’ Roses!”

Dilana: “For what? 6 months?”

Interviewer: “3 years!”

Tracii: “(He was in) stadiums (touring with Guns N’ Roses).”

Dilana: “So what! So fucking what!”

Interviewer: “Well you wanted an answer, that’s the answer.”

On Dave Navarro:

Dilana: “He doesn’t need a shirt. His nipples are so fucking delicious!”

Tracii:“He’s a metal dude. Dave’s a good guy.”

Dilana: “He’s Mr. Hollywood. But I love him. He’s caught up in that Hollywood trap.”

“He looks funny in a shirt.”

Dilana: “He doesn’t need a shirt.”

Tracii to Dilana: “Why are you wearing a shirt? You would look pretty good without a shirt on.”

Tracii: “I Love You Dilana!”

Dilana: “I Love You Tracii!”


Mr. 80s (Julian Douglas), Bobby Blotzer, Dilana & Jeff Pilson.

On Bobby Blotzer

Interviewer talking about the LA Guns fight between Steve Riley & Tracii Guns:

Interviewer: “That’s like Bobby Blotzer being the spokesperson for Ratt!”

Dilana: “Don’t say that name around me. Do not say that name around me.”

Tracii: “Mrs. Blotzer. Calm down.”

Dilana: “Do not say that BB name around me.”

Tracii: (whispering says) “She loves Bobby!”

Dilana: “I fucking hate that cunt! Do not say BB around me.”

Tracii: “Nobody else hates Bobby. Everybody loves Bobby Blotzer!”

On Axl Rose:

Interviewer makes a music comparison of having ‘the’ classic singer. And how the band will sound like the classic sound. Then someone mentions Guns N’ Roses.

Dilana: "Don’t ever compare me to Axl Rose!"

Interviewer: "What happened to that guy (Axl). Is he bi-polar?"

Tracii: "He is bi-polar, But he’s not as crazy as the legend is. It is a shame. He’s a serious guy. And he’s a simple guy. He grew up in Indiana. But in the sticks in Indiana."

To hear the full 1 hour interview, more on Axl Rose & Nikki Sixx go listen HERE

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