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Makeup Before You Break Up! Crashdiet & Pretty Boy Floyd.

Makeup Before You Break Up! Crashdiet/Pretty Boy Floyd (Review)


Crashdiet hangs out back stage at Key Club in Hollywood pre show.



Crashdiet, Pretty Boy Floyd Over-the-top Hollywood Concert


By Gerry Gittelson

Metal Sludge Contributor

HOLLYWOOD, Calif. — It’s always refreshingly fun to meet a European band that’s just arrived in Hollywood, and after a couple of adventure-filled evenings in La La land, Swedish rockers Crashdiet were having the time of their lives.

The foursome is supposed to be the next Hanoi Rocks – they look the part, too, with an over-the-top glam image and a devotion to the stylings and attitude of early Motley Crue – and as the band assembled backstage for a concert Saturday at the Key Club with Sunset Strip icons Pretty Boy Floyd, singer Simon Cruz readily admitted he was quickly falling for L.A. women.

“It’s my first time here. I’ve been in Los Angeles for two days, and I love it,” Cruz said, putting the final touches on his heavy makeup and poofed-out Mohawk. “I was actually very surprised when I walked into the Rainbow and saw that the girls were even prettier than in Sweden. Happily surprised, I should say.”


Simon Cruz says Hollywood girls are prettier than Swedish girls.

Crashdiet, rounded out by guitarist Martin Sweet, bassist Peter London and drummer Eric Young, is signed to Frontiers – about as big a record deal as a rock band can expect these days – and the mission is simple but oh-so-ambitious: “We want to take over the world,” Cruz said.

First, Crashdiet took over the Key Club. More than 500 tickets were sold beforehand, and the place was packed as Pretty Boy Floyd was ready to hit the stage at about 11:30 p.m. just before the newbies.

I hadn’t seen an overflow of this much lipstick and mascara since the last time my ex-wife underwent yet another misguided, total makeover. The Key Club was literally buzzing with excitement.

Crashdiet hit the stage to the screams of young girls, and the band was keen to keep the momentum going from the beginning with “Breakin The Chaiz” (not the Dokken song). The rest of the night is a blur of bleached hair, pounding drums and guitar — and Cruz prancing and singing for all he was worth.

No, Crashdiet is not going to overwhelm the likes of Def Leppard with their style and technique, but the good news is, at least Crashdiet is not as boring as Sweden itself. If any band has a chance to carry the torch first hoisted by the once great Vains of Jenna, then Crashdiet is the one.


Pretty Boy Floyd still rocking Hollywood since 1988.

Meanwhile, Pretty Boy Floyd proved they still have plenty of punch, and it’s nice that two decades later, singer Steve Summers and guitarist Kristy Majors are having the last laugh because the Leather Boyz With Electric Toyz never got enough respect back in the day.

Nearly all of Pretty Boy Floyd’s drawing power remains based on their original popularity when the foursome exploded onto the scene in 1989 and were signed to MCA after a total of nine performances. Long ago, the band had a couple of MTV videos with minor hits “Rock and Roll (Set The Night on Fire)” and “I Wanna Be With You,” and those two gems have been the highlight of Pretty Boy Floyd’s live set for many, many years.

Before the show, the Pretty Boy Floyd guys were in a great mood backstage. In fact, nearly all of the group’s liquor had been consumed before they hit the stage – sometimes, when groups know Gerry Gittelson is coming, they hide the bottles! – and a crowd of mostly female fans packed the front as Summers maneuvered his way through a fun set that barely swayed from the group’s heyday.


Steve Summers holds court as a Glam God in Hollywood.

In all, a good night. A fun night. An evening filled with the Glam sounds of a glitter era that no longer sparkles the way it used to, but either way, everyone ate it up.

Carry on, boys, the whole thing is not going to last much longer, as times change and baby boomers continue to grow up. But Crashdiet and Pretty Boy Floyd hardly noticed. They were too busy having a good time.


Local girls keep Crashidet company in the tour bus dressing room.


Crashdiet bassist Peter London looks like D’Molls guitarist SS Priest’s son!


Kristy "Krash" Majors (Guitar) & Steve "Sex" Summers are original Floydsters!

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