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Preview clips of THAT METAL SHOW w/ Axl Rose!

Preview clips of THAT METAL SHOW w/ Axl Rose!


Axl, crazy as ever in recent interview on THAT METAL SHOW


There has been some big hype about THAT METAL SHOW and their exclusive interview with Guns N’ Roses frontman Axl Rose. A few clips have already surfaced on YouTube and they are interesting for sure.

Crazy to think, but when Axl is asked about his "tardiness" and his late performances, he says "Day of show, for some reason – everything starts going wrong. People are making mistakes. Your making mistakes, they’re making mistakes. And no one even knows why. It’s like everybody gets hit by ADD!" This coming from a group who has the money to hire the best crew and use the best equipment that money can buy. One of these shows, and most certainly in Axl’s life – there are more yes man surrounding him than 99% of the artists on tour.

Axl continues and even blames events from 1991, including his manager booking a tour without his authorization, Slash possibly dying from heroin and a laundry list of other reasons. Seems a bit odd, that things that took place in 1991 would have some impact on last week – but this is Axl.

He even says he was late for school, and late for his first job as a grocery bagger.

Check out a clip HERE

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