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Tracii’s LA GUNS cancel New York City show down!

Tracii’s LA GUNS cancel New York City show down!


Rumor has it someone took Tracii Guns clothes in NYC?


Update: Tracii emails Sludge with an explanation as to why he went "Francis" in NY!

"No stolen gear. Guy through my wet stage clothes on the ground because they were hanging on a water pipe." – Tracii Guns

Not that we’re English majors here, but it’s ‘threw’ not through.

It seems the big LA GUNS Vs: LA GUNS show down in New York ended with a ‘no decision’. In a odd way, it’s like Roberto Duran saying "NO MAS!" and not wanting to fight. Tracii’s line up said "NO WAY" on the show and didn’t play.

Rumors were flying last nite that Tracii Guns version of the band walked out on the club/promoters/fans and would not play as their "gear was stolen" or something to do with Tracii’s clothes being taken. Still trying to clear up what really happened.

This was taken out of context when Dilana posted "Tracii lost his shit" on her Facebook.

In reality, it appears that Tracii pulled a Francis. This by his own admission.

Tracii posted this on Facebook:

If anybody wants to know why I cancelled the show tonight watch the scene in Stripes with Francis. I am Francis!

So, Metal Sludge did some research for you, and found the "Francis" clip from Stripes on youtube. After watching it a few times, one of three things happened.

1. Someone called Tracii by his real name. Or straight up called him Francis.

2. Someone touched Tracii’s stuff. Which we’d assume was guitars, amps or clothes.

3. Someone touched Tracii’s other stuff. His private parts.

Maybe someone did all three, called him Francis and then shoved a guitar neck up his ass. That could be cause for going psycho and cancelling a show. But this is just speculation on our part.

We have sent a email to Francis to see what really happened.

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