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Anthrax hires female vocalist to front band???

Anthrax hires female vocalist to front band???


Dan Nelson (center) according to Scott & Charlie was a big bully!


However it did have you all a little worried. Right?

Who shall we blame? Slash for jamming with Fergie? Nah, that actually works. Queen is now talking with Lady Gaga. Hmm, interesting. Of course the most recent body blow was that LA GUNS hired chick singer Dilana. Probably not far off before some thrash band pulls this too.

But in traditional fashion, ANTHRAX are bickering like girls again.  This time about one of their old singers. We said it years ago, it still stands. ANTHRAX are the LA GUNS of thrash.

Founding member Scott Ian (guitars) and drummer Charlie Benante recently talked openly about former singer Dan Nelson. Dan was the bands 8th singer, and was preceded by a John Bush, then Joey Belladonna line up. Oddly, he was followed by the exact same – a run with John Bush, and then Joey Belladonna again.

ANTHRAX to date has had 21 line ups, featuring 8 different singers, and 22 total members since their 1981 inception. They are only 1 singer behind LA GUNS! The race to 10 is on.

If you recall, it was a drama filled stint with Dan Nelson during his 2007-2009 tenure.  There was a STATEMENT from Dan Nelson when he "got fired". And another from ANTHRAX & their management about how he "quit".

The guys let loose a little below in a recent interview with Guitar World. Read on.

Richard Bienstock of Guitar World conducted an interview with ANTHRAX for the magazine’s November 2011 issue, which features the "Big Four" of 1980s thrash metal (METALLICA, MEGADETH, SLAYER and ANTHRAX) on the cover. An excerpt from the chat follows below.

Guitar World: Fans of the band still seem to be a little confused as to what happened with previous singer Dan Nelson. Did he quit? Was he fired? Was he truly sick, as was stated in the press release?

Scott Ian (guitar): He quit the band, dude. I will stick by the statement I made back in the summer of 2009. He quit. He e-mailed management and he quit the band.

Guitar World: Do you believe he was sick at the time?

Ian: Physically sick? I have no idea. But his words were, "I quit. I’m not doing this. Don’t come to my house. Don’t try and talk me out of this." Again. Because that wasn’t the first time he had quit ANTHRAX; it was the third time. But that was his M.O. He would quit, and then he would make a bunch of demands on us, and we would cave and he would come back.

Charlie Benante (drums): First show we did with him, backstage, big argument, big blowout. It was unbelievable. And from that moment we should have known. And all along, he just kept pulling weird shit. Like, he would call me and not tell the other guys, or call one of them and not tell the rest of us, and just talk shit. At one point he caused a major issue in the band between some of the members. But at the end of the day, it was like, "You didn’t say that? What? It was a fucking weird time. But he’s a bully and he tried to bully us. And at first we let it happen.

Guitar World: Why? Was it easier than dealing with the prospect of once again being without a singer?

Benante: I think there was a point where we were just so vulnerable, we were on this emotional rollercoaster. So at the end of the day it was more like, "Just give him what he wants. Can we move on?"

Guitar World: After parting ways with Dan, you made an attempt to get John Bush back into the band. How close did that come to being a reality?

Ian: It was something we thought about, but it’s not something John was thinking about. It’s not where his head was at. We were just projecting, basically. But we did a few shows with John after Dan left us hanging, and yeah, I’d be lying if I said we didn’t talk about the possibility of making new music and trying to get him to be on the record. But I think it was something we all knew in the end was like trying to get milk from a horse. It wasn’t meant to be. It was not the right road for us to take.

Guitar World: The right road was Joey Belladonna.

Ian: It was, but we didn’t know how to approach it, because I think there was some trepidation on our part going back to Joey and being like, "Hey man, you wanna do this?" Because you just don’t know. You think things would be so easy being in a band, just, "Fuck yeah! Let’s go! Let’s play shows and make some records!" But sometimes it’s unbelievably difficult. It’s worse than dealing with family. [laughs]

It sounds like that "he was a bully" defense is always used when the other guy is smaller. According to some random internet searches, various members past or present of ANTHRAX and their heights are; Scott Ian (5’7"), Dan Spitz (5’1") and Charlie Benante (5"9"). From the pictures, it appears that Dan Nelson is not as petite as the others. Lol.

Scott and Charlie are way back Sludgeaholics. So much that Scott sometimes acted like a fluffer bottom and it felt like we were Jeff Stryker. For a while there he couldn’t get off our nutsack. Either way it’s all good. Let’s look back when the KISStard was down on all fours daily.

Scott Ian in March 2000 20 Questions – March 2001 Re-Wind – May 2003 3-Wind

Charlie wasn’t as easy to manipulate like a puppet, but he did do our 20 Questions

Hey Dan, if you wanna check in and give us your side, please give us a holla!

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