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An open letter to Tracii Guns from Metal Sludge.

An open letter to Tracii Guns from Metal Sludge.


Tracii Guns is angry with Metal Sludge


An Open Letter to Tracii Guns,

We just wanted to be clear for you, your band (both of them), and all to see what our reply is to your message board rant claiming that we disrespected you. And how it’s no longer fun

It sounds like the Bobby Blotzer syndrome is setting in.

You see Blotz use to rave about Metal Sludge, email us, do our interviews and just fucking LOVED bashing Slaughter. But when the tables turned, and he found himself on the wrong end of a good ole fashioned Sludgeing. He turned into a bitch. That was about a decade ago. You’d think he would have gotten over that by now. Last we knew, he has not.

Oddly, the same happened with Sebastian Bach. Once a big fan of the site, now he can’t control his reaction at the mere mention of the word Sludge.

Now it’s Tracii Guns turn.

So here we are in the middle of your latest band drama. Created by you. Not Metal Sludge. Not Stevie Rachelle. And not Phil Lewis or Steve Riley. No, you see this is your world.

LA GUNS just hired your 9 th vocalist. Make that 10 if you want to count Jizzy’s earlier, and latest stint fronting the band. And guess what? All good. It’s your band Tracii.

It’s your band LA GUNS that has had a dozen bassists and 43 combined line ups. Again, it’s all good. But now you’re shocked that people are poking fun at you. You’re bummed out and feel disrespected that Metal Sludge has made a funny about you. Really?

Your latest singer (Jizzy Pearl) quit 7 days before your latest Cd release. Then you hired Rock Star Supernova finalist Dilana to front your band.

That was news for Metal Sludge, among other sites. So we reported it by saying “LA GUNS just went tits up. Literally.”

So for that, you now call Metal Sludge chauvinistic. Really! Why is that? Because we have publically laughed at your decision to hire a girl to front your rock band? That is our right.

On the record, we would laugh at HEART if they hired John Corabi too. Joan Jett is one of our all time favorites. But if she joined DEF LEPPARD we would be sure to puke. And as great as Steve Whiteman of KIX is, we don’t want to see him sing for VIXEN. Or Billy Idol fronting THE GO-GOs.

You get it yet?

Dilana rocks. We’ve seen her stuff. But we don’t want to see her sing in LA GUNS. Nor do the vast majority of your fans. Go start a poll. Start 10 of them. Look at the fans reaction.

Actually, they want to hear Phil Lewis sing in LA GUNS. That’s just the reality pal.

And they want to hear Tracii Guns play guitar. Not Lita Ford.

What next…Joe LeSte in The Bangles instead of Bang Tango?    

Maybe we should have the Lakers join the WNBA. Or let a girl quaterback the Raiders.

Since your cherry picking singers from reality shows, why not Clay Aiken?

You can call it GAY GUNS.

Ya see, whether it’s in our Metal Sludge Forums, on Blabbermouth, Sleazroxx or any of the other rock sites – there are literally thousands and thousands of posters. All who make their opinion heard. You yourself know this. And it’s the good, the bad and a lot of it at times, is VERY-VERY ugly.

Do you think the negative views of your band, your latest decision, or anything related is Metal Sludge’s fault? If so, you must be hanging out with Sebastian Bach. Who recently blamed his divorce on Metal Sludge.

We didn’t make the Hitler responds video. A LA GUNS fan did. But it’s all in good fun. Of course at your expense.

And for all this, you’re now butt hurt. At Metal Sludge. Gee, how about – get over it.

Why don’t you quit worrying about what Metal Sludge thinks, go get in the van and show us all how it’s done. Some fans are waiting – but likely many more are not. In the meanwhile we won’t change our stance that this is desperate and ridiculous.

Sad to say, but the coolest thing you’ve done in years was the jam on The Price is Right.

Metal Sludge

Sludge N’ Tear

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