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Fans react to LA GUNS hiring girl singer, HITLER included!

Fans react to latest LA GUNS hiring, HITLER included!


Ladies and Germs, meet  diLAna GUNS


Well it’s been less then 24 hours and music fans globally are reacting to the LA GUNS hiring of a girl to sing in the band. Of course we ask that you should not confuse this with the Phil Lewis version of LA GUNS. This new addition is in the Tracii Guns version of LA GUNS.

It seems that this is taking on a life of its own. And let’s not confuse any of this with the previous 42 line ups the brand has had over 28 years. For the record, that’s not a typo folks. There have been 43 total LA GUNS line ups, with 38 different members over time – of course that is with the addition of the most recent line up including Dilana singing in Tracii’s official franchise.

Note that this also includes the earliest version with Axl Rose, which morphed into Guns N’ Roses that Tracii was part of during the original line up in 1985.

To see all line ups, read details, and basically BRAIN FUCK YOURSELF TO DEATH while trying to sort through this mess, please go check out the bands WIKIPEDIA

Moving along.

Fans are reacting globally and below are actual comments from fans. Including HITLER.

LAglamrocker writes:

he made a good choice

she rocks bigtime, loved her 1st week on Rockstar Supernova

was pissed when she "lost", now she wins singing for one of my alltime favorite bands

tapeworm abortion writes:

It’s still better than Marty Casey. But why the fuck call it LA Guns? To spite Phil and Steve? At this point they’d have a better chance of accomplishing anything under a different name.

Huey Ramone writes:

i am down with a ballsy choice. dont know if it’ll be accepted or not, but much ballsier than getting Crabby, or Joe LaSte, or Torian, or Oni, or someone like that.

Ryan81 writes:

I think Traci and her may be kissing when people aren’t looking.

gr8twhite writes:

Will the new album be released before or after she bails?

Or mothballed Like that other reality show loser?

What a shame, what happened to Tracii.

Hell’s Hungry Child writes:

Adding a female member is usually a last gasp for a band.

Yet, La Guns have ben on that last gasp for 21 years.

aceshigh writes:

This won’t last 6 months.

Hollywood Bowler writes:

Let’s see how this goes. Remember how I said she’s a cunt? remember I warned u.

fastermetallicat writes:

You have got to be kidding me. Tracii has just destroyed the LA Guns name.

Barney Pipe writes:

Save your money for Steel Panther, at least they know they are a joke.


The Guvner
is a regular in our >forums< and has posted a >HITLER< video response.


fastermetallicat writes:

I feel bad for Kelly and Mick. Those two guys were in the band during the glory days and now they have to deal with all this embarrassing shit being associated with their old band. It must suck.

Torien Roxx Gang writes:

Maybe she can sing for more then a 35 minute headlining set that Tracii is famous for.

SkyDog112046 writes:

So now both LA Guns will have bitches for singers.

Udo Dirkschneider writes:

I mean, he makes his livin off of guns… session players are gayboys…

Going back to Phil is useless in a number of ways…

Great move for him… it’ll put more peeps in the bars, give him better connections, make LA guns somewhat relevant again… I mean, why not?

rikirachtmanstheshit writes:


PriestMarshallStack writes:

L.A. Cunts

sad,sad,sad, band

thedevilknowsmyname writes:

This probably won’t last, we all know that. Who would have thought that the Lewis and Riley version would have more stability? It’s time to suck it up and reunite.

radiobed writes:

I think this is a great idea for the band. When you have 2 versions of a band that is 20 years past being minimally successful, I don’t think it matters who or what you have fronting the 1st or 2nd version. Anyone suggesting this is somehow ruining the name is delusional.

dalejr88 writes:

Sorry Tracii you made another bad career move.

Make it a new project stop dragging the LA Guns name thru the toilet.

Any true LAG fans will not support this version, Phil wins finally.

Rev. Sweetchops writes:


Can’t wait to look at a chick with a beer belly singing "sex action"…man, the anticipation is killing me.

Machado writes:

I can’t wait to read an official statement from Riley and Phil Lewis.

Tracii has been desperate for a few years now.

Not sure if this is the right decision, but Tracii will get minimal press from this roster move.

Lucifer Sam writes:

LA Guns have officially become Spinal Tap!

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