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Rock Star Supernova’s DILANA the new voice of LA GUNS

Rock Star Supernova’s DILANA the new voice of LA GUNS


Dilana & the latest version of Tracii’s LA GUNS


It looks like LA GUNS has just went tits up. Literally speaking.

After a week of drama with the sudden departure of Jizzy Pearl, its official Tracii Guns has hired a girl. Dilana is the latest voice to front the Hollywood based band. She is most known for her stint on the reality TV series Rock Star Supernova, so she’s not just any girl. Definitley a rock chick with an edge. Afterall she’s got more tattoos than Warrant and Slaughter combined. But regardless, she still has tits. Lol.

We just got this below from the man himself.

Dilana is the new singer for L.A. Guns after an incredible amount of scrutiny and mixed opinions the final straw was her audition where she completely took control of the environment by injecting a type of soul into these old new songs that I have never heard before. The first tune we jammed on was the Otis Redding classic " These Arms Of Mine " and even a very skeptical Jeremy looked up at me and mouthed Holy Shit to me and I had the same feeling. Then we ran through One More Reason, Never enough and of course The Ballad Of Jayne and it was an awakening of just how professional and soulful of a Singer Dilana is. After getting Responses from Label Steve Vai, My Agent and Manager who are all really into a drastic positive change for L.A. Guns and Myself , we all feel this is a ballsy and risky change that we all collectively feel good about. I expect there will be some changes in the live setlist and I hope we can get straight into writing mode ASAP and record some fresh Rock n Roll also ASAP . We hit the road starting in San Antonio Texas September 21st.

-Tracii Guns /  LA GUNS

The last we checked, the previous 37 members of LA GUNS all had cock and balls, smoked, drank, did drugs and raised hell on the road. Like an 80s Hollywood born and breed hair band is/was suppose to. But it’s not our band, so good luck to them. And congrats to Dilana.

Maybe Tracii’s LA GUNS should call themselves LA GO GO’s.

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