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Can you name all 37 members of LA GUNS? -quiz inside-

Can you name all 37 members of LA GUNS? -game/quiz inside-


The above is a timeline of the band LA GUNS and it’s 37 members over the years.


To see the above timeline, and related info on LA GUNS & their history go HERE.


Classic line up: Tracii Guns, Steve Riley, Phil Lewis, Kelly Nickels, Mick Cripps

Okay, are you ready to "Rip n’ Tear" through this?

Let’s test your true knowledge of the LA GUNS band.

We have a quiz here that has a 8 minute timer on it. Which means you have a total of 480 seconds to complete this. There have been 37 members of the band LA GUNS over time. You have 13 seconds per member to type their name correctly into the test. After each correct name you type, hit enter, and their name automatically appears in EVERY line up they ever were a part of. You do not have to name anyone in any order – just name them and they will appear.

If you mispell a name, example Traci Guns, instead of Tracii Guns, it will not work. Got it?

That is your only hint. Tracii is with 2 i’s – not 1. So spelling is important.

Ready to take your LA GUNS test?

Go check out the quiz link belowby simply clicking right HERE

or paste this in your browser  http://www.sporcle.com/games/sarahs1/lagunsmembers

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