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The history of Sludge during week Oct. 2nd thru 8th

Sludge history the week of October 2nd thru 8th


Rick Ruhl of Every Mothers Nightmare did
20 Questions 10 years ago today!


A look back at early October in Metal Sludge history since 1999.

October 2nd 2001 "20 Questions" w/ Rick Ruhl of Every Mother’s Nightmare

October 2nd 2004 "Sludge Mailbag" w/ bastard boy floyd

October 3rd 2002 "Re-Wind" w/ Eric Brittingham of Cinderella

October 3rd 2000 "20 Questions" w/ Russell Dwarf of Killer Dwarfs

October 3rd 2001 "Sludge Scans" Beautiful Creatures, Warrant, Nickelback

October 5th 1999 "20 Questions" w/ former Great White bassist Tony Montana

October 5th 2004 "20 Questions" w/ Queensryche bassist Eddie Jackson

October 5th 2005 "Sludgeaholic" of the month Colin

October 6th 2004 "Feedback" on Eddie Jackson’s 20 Questions

October 8th 2007 "Rock Of Love" Re-Union show with Riki Rachtman

October 8th 2001 "3-Wind" with Nikki Sixx of Motley Crue

October 8th 2002 "20 Questions" with Alexx Michael of Shameless

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