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Tracii Guns considers a girl LA GUNS singer! Guess who?

Tracii Guns considering a girl singer in LA GUNS! Guess who?


Tracii is considering Rock Star Supernova runner up Dilana to sing in LA GUNS!


Well it’s been a little over 24 hours since the news of Jizzy Pearl quitting LA GUNS.

The fans have been fishing around for a scoop from founder and lead guitarist Tracii Guns, as he is a local on our World famous Gossip Board.

Here is what we got so far from Mr. Guns.

Lol! There isn’t much of a scoop. I met with Dilana last night, she wasn’t a cunt, she was actually pretty smart and down to earth, we had a long conversation and Jeremy was there. There are two other people I’m talking too as well who live out of the country.

As far as Jizzy, he feels it is time to do his own thing and I couldn’t be happier for him. He’s a great friend. If Dilana were to end up in LA GUNS it would be because I like her based on our chemistry and her ability to sing the LA GUNS songs appropriately , I won’t make a judgement on her based on someone’s opinion of her on rockstar supernova. Honestly , I wouldn’t mind having a woman sing for LA GUNS . I like newness.

Tracii Guns

Tracii says Dilana is not a cunt.

Well there goes our idea for you to change the band name to LA CUNTS!  Now what?

Hmmm, maybe Guns N’ Dilana?

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