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The Top 10 Craziest & Whackiest Guitars/Basses!

The Top 10 Craziest & Whackiest Guitars/Basses!


Michael Angelo used his quad in the 1989 Nitro classic "Freight Train"

Top 10 Craziest/Whackiest Guitars/Basses!

By Metal Sludge

# 10.  D.A.D. Stig Pedersen – 2 String Bass

Stig is famous for his 2 string basses. He even plays part of their show with a 1 string bass. For those of you not familiar, the bands full name is Disneyland After Dark and hail from Denmark. They are on the door of their 30th anniversary, and have changed band members the same number of times, their bassist has strings. Kudos to D.A.D. for sticking it out. The band had a hit on MTV back in the day called "Sleeping My Day Away".


Stig only plays 2 strings on his bass, which is actually 1 more than Bobby Dall uses.


# 9.  ZZ Tops – Matching Toilet Seat Covers

Billy Gibbons on guitar and Dusty Hill on bass land at #9 with their unique, and ‘most of the time’ matching instruments. They have countless matching set ups, headless headstocks, guitars that spin, and even some with what appears to be toilet seat covers on them. The band formed in 1969 and is still active today. Crazy as their unique guitars are the 2 front players having some of the most recognized beards in the world. Oddly, the drummer (Frank Beard) who is always clean shaven is the one with the last name.


Dusty Hill & Billy Gibbons of ZZ Top

# 8.  George Lynch – Skull Guitar

The former Dokken lead guitar God makes our list with his
custom carved skeleton skull guitar. George Lynch has been influencing guitarists globally for over three decades. Not only with his playing, but with his images and designs on the guitars themselves. In the 80s Lynch made his bengal striped Charvel a favorite for many a dreamers to buy replica’s off guitar store shelves everywhere. Satchel of Steel Panther would tell you, George Lynch fucking rules!


George Lynch performs "Son Of Scary"

# 7.  Vinnie Vincent – Flying Pink V(agina)

The one time KISS guitarist branched out and formed his own group, which abondoned him almost as fast as he did Robert Fleischman. The Vinnie Vincent Invasion had it all. Fashion, hair, make up, custom guitars, but lacked glue and ultimately broke up when the other members formed Slaughter. Vinnie to this day, has a small legion of fan(atics) who would buy his dead dogs collars if they were for sale on eBay. With that, his custom Flying V lands at lucky #7.


Vinnie Vincent shows off his Flying V in "Boyz Are Gonna Rock"

# 6.  Michael Anthony  – Jack Daniels Bass

The original but now unofficial 4th member of Van Halen made a big impact over the early years with his back up singing. He also held down the low end for the bands most important years. It was also his custom made Jack Daniels bass guitar that really stood out tour after tour. Michael himself an avid fan of the brand, has proudly displayed the product for years.


Michael Anthony, with a bottle of Jack Daniels, or is that Ice Tea?

# 5.  Kane Roberts – Machine Gun Guitar

This guitarist made his big mark in the 80s playing for Alice Cooper. Soon after he went solo, and had a few minor Headbangers Ball hits. He had some riffs, but was no threat to Eddie Van Halen, more likely a threat to Rambo! Kane was known for reps more than riffs. Reps of bench, curls and squats that is. Kane recently resurfaced and played Firefest in The UK. Aside from his muscles, it is his trademark Machine Gun guitar that gets him a respectable 5th place


Kane Roberts – Was he a Guitar Hero or Guns N’ Rambo?

# 4. Gene Simmons – Axe Bass

The brains of KISS comes in at number quatro
with his official Axe Bass. Gene Simmons has long been the center of attention as the co-founder of KISS. He has also made a world wide brand with his tongue, blood spitting and fire breathing. Add to that list, the KISS KASKET, the sex romp with that model in a hotel and of course the famous Axe Bass.


Gene gave the axe to several KISS members over their career.

# 3. Steve Vai – 3 Neck Heart Guitar

Mr. Vai made a big impact in the music world by playing guitar in the David Lee Roth band. This was a big pair of shoes to fill – essentially replacing Eddie Van Halen and giving him a lot of spotlight and press. But he wasn’t that green. He got his start working with Frank Zappa at the tender age of 19. Steve showed off the triple neck heart shaped guitar while he was in DLR. It can be seen in the video for "Just Like Paradise".


Steve Vai Halen?

# 2. Michael Angelo – Quad Neck

Michael Angelo is a world renown musician and named the Fastest Guitar Player of All Time by Guitar World. His musical releases are predominantly instrumental, but he did manage to make a splash with NITRO in the late 80s. If you thought Vinnie Vincent Invasion gave your brain a hard time, just check out
"Freight Train". Better buy some asprin and a hammer. If you can’t shake the headache, just take a hammer to your computer screen.


Michael Angelo has made his double necks world famous!

# 1.  Rick Neilsen – Uncle Dick

Rick Neilsen of Cheap Trick has been playing crazy and whacky guitars since the 70s. But his most notable guitars, are his 5, 7 & 9 neck guitars – along with Uncle Dick. With great hits, and a stable line up for nearly 40 years, Cheap Trick are named as influences by many and for good reason. Crazy as it may sound, Rick has more necks on some of his guitars, than Bun E Carlos has drums and cymbals in total on his kit. For that, Rick is #1 on our Crazy guitar list.


Rick rocking with Uncle Dick.


Rick’s back looks like it is about to break!


Got to give props to Cheap Trick’s Rick Neilsen. He started this 30+ years ago.

Our Honorable Mention goes out to this….WTF!?


Let’s see the guys from Cinderella throw one of these over their shoulder!

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