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Ugly Kid Joe debut new song & some fans think it sucks.

Ugly Kid Joe debut new song and the fans think it sucks.


Ugly Kid Joe, just another hair band, who thought they weren’t.


Ugly Kid Joe debut new song, and some fans comments don’t seem to positive.

These guys made a solid impact in the 90s, and oddly created their name on a bill as openers for Pretty Boy Floyd. They originally called the band SWAT, but for that show, decided to call themselves Ugly Kid Joe opening for Pretty Boy Floyd. Kind of a funny little gimmick that stuck.

The band released a raw EP, and black n’ white video for "Everything about You" and boom, they had a MTV hit. A few million sales later, and a handful of egos caused the band to slowly implode over a few years time, but not before scoring a few Gold and Platinum awards.

Now it appears they are on the comeback trail.

On September 8, Nikki Blakk of the San Francisco, Californiahttp://images.intellitxt.com/ast/adTypes/mag-glass_10x10.gif radio station 107.7 The Bone conducted an interview with UGLY KID JOE/ANOTHER ANIMAL singer Whitfield Crane. The entire 24-minute podcast, which includes the world premiere of the brand new UGLY KID JOE song "Love Ain’t True", can be streamed using the audio player below. (Note: "Love Ain’t True" begins around the 18-minute, 45-second mark.)

In a recent interview with the NY Rock Music Examiner, drummer Shannon Larkin (GODSMACK, UGLY KID JOE, ANOTHER ANIMAL) was asked about the rumors that UGLY KID JOE had reunited and was recording new material. "The rumors are true!" Larkin said. "Whit, Klaus [Eichstadt, guitar], Cordell [Crockett, bass], Dave [Fortman, guitar] and myself got together this year and made six new songs for an EP to put out at some point. We are really stoked at how it came out — pure UGLY KID JOE, dude! We have no label, agent, or management and did the record by ourselves without a real plan other than getting together in a room again after all these years and jamming out! We’ll keep people posted as to when we will release something and perhaps even play some shows if there is interest in us.

UGLY KID JOE released three full-length albums and toured extensively throughout the 1990s before disbanding in 1997.

Here is what some fans are saying.

Donnyboy1977 writes:

What a piece of shit. I like UKJ but this is just terrible.

GutterCreep writes:

Yeah, this is garbage. Who wrote these lyrics an 8th grader?

HairIGoAgain writes:

Atrocious. What a letdown.

Skate4RnR writes:

I truly expected something so much greater.

LAGlamRocker writes:

that did suck

Roxxtar writes:

I am a huge UKJ fan. I mean huge.  That fucking sucked.

Crabfan writes:

Sounds like UKJ to me…an OC mid 90’s band…The 9th chords and a horn section are cool though.

Darrien writes:
Wow, that was horrid, I loved these guys and it doesn’t even sound like the same band. What a fucking disappointment. Maybe at the least they will tour and play the old shit.

GeddyCriss3 writes:

Wow, that really was a piece of shit song……

Alphavitcim writes:

Awkward lyrics aside, it’s actually growing on me. Once the bridge kicks in, it somehow gets better. Still a weak lead-off track, and agreeance on it sounding like the Motel California era (which also had the worst singles ever).

Out of 10 comments, 8 of them think this is a steaming pile of shit.

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