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Sebastian Bach: “I’m divorced because of…Metal Sludge…”

Sebastian Bach: "I’m divorced because of some of the stuff on Metal Sludge"


Stevie Rachelle Vs: Sebastian Bach


-An open letter and invitation to Sebastian Bach from Stevie Rachelle-

Hey Sebastian,

Congrats on another new CD. It sounds ok, but that new video is a bit of a pile of shit. Of course that’s just my 2 cents, but I am not alone. Countless others noted their opinions from youtube to Blabbernutz and back. Surely you read all that. But it’s all good, it’s just rock n’ roll.

Moving along.

As for Metal Sludge, we don’t suck peoples ass – like this HERE. Never have, never will.

We don’t drink n’ drive either. Or beat our girl friends, or get arrested for disorderly conduct and possesion. But sometimes rock stars do. We report that stuff. Always have, always will.

You see Baz, if you don’t get arrested for doing stupid shit and getting caught on tape doing it (2010), then you don’t get mentioned here. If you don’t make crazy statements, like the time you threatened to get a gun and shoot the bartender in NJ, and plead guilty to drug possession after that arrest (2002) then you won’t make the news. Like your most recent arrest in May 2011, another for possession.  And if you didn’t act out as a complete jackass like the time you went nuts on a guy for wearing a Metal Sludge shirt in NYC, again we wouldn’t even know you’re alive. But you continue to do all this crazy shit as far back as the bottle throwing incident. That was 1989, and in 2004 you were throwing a ashtray into a mirror at a strip club – and that caught up to you last fall in Toronto. There is a pattern here. It’s not our pattern, it’s yours. 

You my friend, are delusional in your recent interview with SLEAZROXX.

Sleaze Roxx: Last question, there’s a particular website (Metal Sludge) out there that for whatever reason has targeted you in particular. I don’t know exactly what went down — can you share some insight as to what happened?

Sebastian Bach: Right, Stevie Rachelle’s website. (pauses) I’ll tell you exactly what that’s about. Stevie Rachelle was in a band called Tuff that was a Skid Row/Poison kind of band that never made it. He came up with a website about the bands that did make it. He’s a jealous guy that never had any musical success. When he started his website Stevie Rachelle emailed me asking me to do an interview for the website. I went to look at the website and I said, "No. I think your website sucks. I think this website is bullshit. I think it’s wrong that you have nothing better to do with your time than to fuck with people’s lives. You can hate me, but I’m not doing an interview for your bullshit website." I received a response from him saying, "Well, then we’re going to make your life a living hell." That’s exactly what he’s tried to do. He goes after my children, he goes after my ex-wife, he goes after my current girlfriend — I’m divorced because of some of the stuff on that website and my kids don’t have their father partially due to that website. Let me just say that I really look forward to meeting him again in person — as soon as I can. I certainly have some things to say to Stevie Rachelle from Tuff… we’ll see whose tough in person.

For starters, you emailed Metal Sludge on Sunday September 6th 1998 and loved our site. We have your original email on a history link right HERE And this is exactly what you wrote:

"your site is hilarious i was laughing my ass off ! keep it up i dig the writing style of you guys , it’s totally entertaining & funny ! big balls i can diggit !"

Do you really think it’s Metal Sludge’s fault for you getting divorced? How about TMZ? Are they at fault too? Maybe your wife just got sick of you acting like a fucking juvenile while she was trying to raise your kids! Ever think of that? I am part of the reason your children don’t see their Father. Really? How much pot are you smoking?

Perhaps all the pot you have been smoking has truly fried your memory. Did you forget your answer about the internet and your divorce in this interview clarification last week?

"You have recently partly blamed the Internet for the demise of your marriage. Do you think it’s even harder than before to be a rock star in the Internet age because of all the rumors that get emphasized?

I’d like to kind of clarify what I meant by that.Nobody was responsible for the demise of my marriage except me. I was the one responsible, not the Internet. Sometimes I say things in interviews because I’m trying to make you laugh, or trying to be funny. But some things aren’t funny. When I said it takes a strong girl to be with a rock’n’roller, or a girl who can’t work a computer, I was trying to make a joke. But it’s actually not a joke, and it’s not funny. If I’m with a girl and she’s with me, just because I’m on the road doesn’t mean I have any right to do whatever I want to do. I would like to apologize to my ex-wife for saying that, and also to my current girlfriend for saying really stupid shit sometimes that I think is funny, and it’s not. When I read it in print, it doesn’t come across the same as I was saying it, out of my mouth. If I cheat on the one I love, it’s not the Internet’s fault, it’s my fault. I shouldn’t have said that, and I should own up to being a jerk. That’s reality. I shouldn’t blame others for the things I do, I should take responsibility for what I do. That’s the truth." by Sebastian Bach on Friday, September 2, 2011 at 3:40pm

If you do dumb shit. Then you’re probably gonna look dumb. Look in the mirror buddy.

No one is jealous of you here. Sure, you sold some records and hung some nice plaques on your wall. But you should be thanking Jon Bon Jovi for that today. And Rachel & Snake for writing those nice songs that still get played on the radio and you get to sing when Axl takes you to play arenas and stadiums. Without them, you’re still in Madame X. Enjoy the ride man.

As for saying I, or we (Metal Sludge) have went after your children. Really? How so? Your son Paris is in his 20s, and plays drums in a rock band. And yes we have reached out to interview him, but he declined. Afterall, he is a grown man, and older now than you were when Skid Row came out. I am guessing your parents were not chaperoning your interviews then.

As for meeting me in person, well the invitation is there. I reached out to you twice, publically 2 weeks ago with no reply.

On August 24th 2011 Sebastian Bach tweeted: (Tweet was deleted a short time later)

Sebastianbach Sebastian Bach

fuck you & your friend stevie rachelle. God, i cannot wait for the day where i meet stevie in person again.

24 Aug

On August 25tth 2011 Stevie Rachelle tweeted the following. (The tweet is still up)

StevieTuff Stevie Rachelle

I live in the valley, Let’s meet. You & me. Email me & let’s sort whatever needs to be sorted. Seriously. info@tuffcds.com

25 Aug

On August 25th Metal Sludge re-tweeted the same. (Tweet is still up)

StevieTuff Stevie Rachelle

by MetalSludge

I live in the valley, Let’s meet. You & me. Email me & let’s sort whatever needs to be sorted. Seriously. info@tuffcds.com

25 Aug

I am not a violent person. I have no ill will or bad intention. But I’d love to give you your wish to meet up. Just remember, if I care to make fun of you, or have an opinion – that is my right. If you don’t like Metal Sludge, or me, great. You don’t have to. I am a fan of you, and your (Skid Row) work. But I do think you’re a bit of a tool at times and have done some really dumb shit. Grow up.

In the meantime, take note buddy – you’re in my town now. So be careful who you say what to when hangin’ with Dimebags hag Rita, and what girl you invite to drink wine with at Matt Sorums house. And what you do with your dick when Minnie Gupta isn’t in town.

I live and die by my sword. Do you?

Stevie Rachelle

Reality Sludge

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