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This week in Metal Sludge history September 4th – 10th

This week in Metal Sludge history September 4th – 10th


10 Years Ago today Dave Mustaine was our feature
"23 Questions"


Metal Sludge just celebrated our 13th birthday! Amazing to think we’re a teenager now. What has happened over the last 13 years – gee, who can even recall. That’s a lot of 20 Questions, a lot of ReWinds, and a lot of alcohol and groupies for sure.

To celebrate our 1st birthday on September 1st 1999 we did a review. There is some crazy old skool notes, news & facts in here. Go check it out"Year in Review – A Time Line"

With that said, we decided to take a look back each week and see what’s happened on Metal Sludge over the years. We’ll pull up the posts, and link them for your pleasure.


September 4th 2001 "23 Questions" with Dave Mustaine of Megadeth

September 5th 2003 "Why I Hate List" by Ozzy Stillbourne

September 5th 2000 "20 Questions"with Eddie Ojeda of Twister Sister

September 5th 2003 "10 Questions" with DRILL 187 from North Carolina

September 6th 2005 "20 Questions" with Jim Torgeson of Virgin

September 6th 2003 "Feedback on 100 Greatest Guitarists List" By Ozzy Stillbourne

September 7th 2004 "20 Questions" with Kane Roberts former Alice Cooper guitarist

September 7th 2003 "Not Another Fucking List" by Ozzy Stillbourne

September 8th 1999 "Sludge Scan" Def Leppard, LA Guns, Enuff Z’nuff, W.A.S.P & More!

September 8th 2008 "Interview" with new Warrant singer Robert Mason

September 9th 2002 "3-Wind" with Jizzy Pearl of Love/Hate (Ratt, LA Guns)

September 9th 2000 "Blotzer Responds" Crazy emails with the Drummer of Ratt

September 10th 2002 "20 Questions" with Playboy Playmate Victoria Fuller

September 10th 2001 "Random Thoughts" on the Movie "Rock Star" by Ozzy Stillbourne

September 10th 2000 "Poison/Skid Roll Poll Results"

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