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Jani Lane’s sister (Vicky Oswald-Ley) public statement.

Jani Lane’s sister (Vicky Oswald-Ley) goes public with statement


Jani Lane with 3rd wife Kimberly Nash


Jani Lane’s sister Vickey Oswald-Ley has posted the following on her official Facebook.

Jani Lane’s horrific death all alone.

by Vicky Oswald-Ley on Tuesday, August 30, 2011 at 8:43pm

Just a note to Danny Wagner and Kimberly Nash: An attorney has told me that you cannot state Jani had adopted the child you had together and the older one from Texas therefore making Jani responsible for them in death. Nor would he have wanted to! Shame on you, Danny, for hanging out with your ex on Jani’s dime with your kid while he was dying. And Kimberly, I’ve had many people watching you for a year and half…you have no idea what I have documented. Lesbian acts? 3 ways? He was never sober long in your presence, and your idea was.."A little drink" wouldn’t hurt him? I have held my peace for 2 years and not said a word, this has torn me apart. I will tolerate it no longer. You isolated this man from his family and made a mockery of him. You NEVER took into consideration how hard this was on us, the family. How dare you not have a funeral showing for such a beautiful man or a church service and even the lack of burial without the inclusion of immediate family..he deserved that and so much more. I’m sure I’ll be labeled the "bad guy", but in all honesty, you were his ultimate downfall with no remorse.

You can’t "celebrate" a life if there has been no funeral, church blessing or burial. If you did not want the family involved, then you should have, at the very least, thought of his friends and family and above all, the fans.

What heartless, soulless creature would not allow his siblings a personal item, or a visit from his only Brother, unless there is something to hide…or maybe NOTHING left to show or share? Hmmm, am I the only one here going crazy with all of these thoughts running around? This WAS MY BROTHER, not a well known Singer, not a Public Performer, a Blood relative, someone who fought and loved and laughed and cried with his Sisters, Brother, Father and Mother. You can’t change the past or the memories that we, as a family shared, but you can destroy a persons mental and physical health with a simple lack of understanding, common courtesy or the total and complete Disrespect of Jani’s Immediate Family. May God and all his Mercy show you the road to HELL.

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