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Nikki Sixx talk about KISS & the next biggest band in the world.

Nikki Sixx tweets about KISS & the next biggest band in the world.


Nikki Sixx in London – pre Motley Crue.


Nikki Sixx is a very fascinating guy. He truly is.

He’s done it all, with Motley Crue he’s had the sex, did the drugs, Rock n’ Rolled and over dosed a few times. Metal Sludge has definitely bitch slapped Sixx on many occasions, but if you have a minute or two each day – please go read his Twitter. Nikki really has some interesting things to say. And unless he is the biggest bull shitter on the planet (which is quite possible) he is SO positive and has a lot of great energy. He also seems to be genuine – with the good or the bad. If he thinks you’re an ass, he’ll tell you. If he likes your tits, or hates your band, he’ll also tell you.

Congrats to Nikki Sixx and Motley Crue for their 30 years, the SSMF show & all they do!

Nikki Sixx some recent tweets


First real day off in a long http://time.No bus,No show,No press No nothing…Excited to soak up some family LOVE.Monday is back to Sixx Sense..yeah….Lets find some new music and speak our minds….Off to church..cough cough…

Thank you Gene, that means a lot to me-RT @genesimmons: Motley Crue at the Sunset Strip Music Fest. Solid. Played well. Sounded strong. Very professional.

Also, a little something from Nikki the other day featured on LA WEEKLY.

LA WEEKLY: What was your first Sunset Strip memory?

Nikki Sixx: It was the middle ’70s and I was a teenager. I used to hang on the Strip, going to see my favorite punk bands and dreaming about being a rock star.

What’s your best Mötley memory on the Strip?

[Early on], when we sold out the Whisky A Go Go three nights in a row. That was one of the highlights of our career. We didn’t see what was coming next. That moment was magical.

Sunset Strip women nowadays: Different? Same?

Never paid much attention to the women. Drugs were first, women second. I had my priorities.

Wildest thing you ever did on the Strip?

Did I tell you about the time I tied a girl up in the Whisky bathroom with Mick’s guitar cable, and then went to get a bump of blow from Tommy? I forgot she was in there! I think Vince found her and everything was [fine]. Ah, to be in Mötley Crüe in 1981 in Los Angeles.

All-time favorite spot on the Strip?

The Rainbow, and the reason is simple: the clam chowder.

Three words that encapsulate what the Strip is to you?

Sunset Strip Tattoo, the Whisky and cocaine.

Anything else you’d like to add?

I have "Los Angeles" tattooed across the whole right side of my body. Los Angeles is with me till the end. Till death do us part.

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