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Sebastian Bach debuts video for “Kicking & Screaming”

Sebastian Bach debuts video for "Kicking & Screaming"


Sebastian Bach debuts new video for "Kicking & Sucking"


Today is a big day for Sebastian Bach. At least that is what he was Tweeting last nite.

Something really, really, really cool is gonna happen TOMORROW at 10am EST / 7am Pacific! I can’t tell u what it is till then! But i will probably be asleep then! So look out tomorrow morning at that time.. Tomorrow is a MAJOR day in what we call Bach N’ Roll !!! Stay tuned ….

Ah ha! We see, it’s his new video & it just hit the web thanks to Revolver Magazine online.

Exclusive Premiere: Sebastian Bach Debuts New Video “Kicking & Screaming”

Auguist 3rd 2011 by Revolver

Sebastian Bach–who blew minds with his show-stopping performance with Asking Alexandria at the 2011 Golden Gods award show, and who is featured in the forthcoming issue of Revolver, out everywhere on August 16–unleashes his highly anticipated new solo album, Kicking & Screaming (Frontiers), on September 27. But today he’s premiering the music video for the record’s title track exclusive right here! Watch the clip below and let us know what you think in the comments.

The fans review is already in as well. In two words – It Sucks.

Don’t believe us? ClickREVOLVER and check it out for yourself.

Revolver asked for comments, and we have posted them.  Here is what fans are saying about Bach’s new video for "Kicking & Screaming"

Kveldria writes:

congrats.. you now sound like everyone else…

Ian Pfister writes:

His vocals sound like a Chris Cornell & Axl Rose "Frankenstein’s Monster". Not to impressive.

Kevin McCarthy writes:

Still in my top 5 Metal Vocalists! Never a let down. New Guitar kid is KicK A$$! Video is a little awkward though.

Edman writes:

The song is good; I like it.  Performances are solid.  The video is half decent/standard, half awful. Anything that happens in front of "the wall" is atrocious, from how uncomfortable and goofy Bas looks to the mindless inclusion of a "babe" (What is this, 1987?) for no reason at all. Should have just stuck with the band performance-oriented segments throughout.

MacdonaldShawn39 writes:

with the exception of the totally bland stock riff/cliche lyrics/ void of emotion performance I like the parts where the girl thinks she is waiting for Steven Tyler backstage and Bach looks like he nods off a few times….typical, uneventful and weak. Nice lead though, props to that guy.

Jack Benson writes:


J. Writes:

Sebastian is my all-time favorite singer and i think "Angel Down" is a classic from start to finish. With that said, this bums me out. incredibly generic, awful nu-metal guitar tone/riff, and a chorus that kills the energy. the worst song on "Angel Down" crushes this. probably the first time i’ve ever been disappointed by his new music output…  I hope it fits better within the context of the album.

C.J. Writes:

The sound is very bland. The riffs are below average and the melody is about the same.

Video production has some highlights and a lot of low-lights.

Was there not enough footage shot? Was the editor "out to lunch"?

I’m cheering for Baz, but this song was not even close to a HOME RUN!

Maybe the next song/video will be spectacular.

Bassfind writes:

Extremely mediocre song.

And the video, jesus! Who told the director that making a 45 y.o. man act coy and bashful like a 12 y.o. girl is the way to go?

Disappointment all around.

Shootmebachisbad writes:


D.J. Greatone writes:

Song rocks!! Baz sounds great!!

Video sucks though!!

MacdonaldShawn39 writes:

This is soo bad I had to watch it again for fun….lead me through this HELLL!!! wow pretty intense too bad he looks like a pissed off Joan Rivers.Someone get that girl a date and at least save her evening…..

Metal Sludge writes:

The bassist was DEFINITELY the high lite of the video.  A close 2nd goes to Bach’s new "My wife left me, so I found a girlfriend who looks just like her".

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