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Nikki Sixx goes nutz on fan and jumps into crowd!

Nikki Sixx goes nutz on fan and jumps into crowd!


Sixx deep in thought.


It seems Motley Crue bassist Nikki Sixx went a little pscycho this past weekend. Sixx appears to be angry with a fan near the front of the stage and suddenly Sixx jumps feet first into the audience. Video HERE shows Sixx motioning at a fan and then going in for the kill.

There are few other clips of the incident as it was unfolding where you clearly see Sixx being helped from the crowd by security. There is a clip HERE and you can hear some girl yelling "I Love you Nikki!". Then Tommy Lee says "Taking care of business. It looks like the party has started!" Then the band goes into "Live Wire". Another is posted HERE.

It was rumored that the fan was recording and shooting photos of the show. Sixx saw him doing so, and then stopped the set and demanded the fan give up the recorded. He didn’t and Sixx went in to get it himself. Not sure of all details here, so this is speculation. 

See comments below from fans who are giving their opinion of what happened.

cmdrummer writes:

YES! I was looking for someone who caught this! I was 7th row near center and Sixx warned this guy more than once to stop recording. The "fan" had a HUGE and probably expensive camera that got taken by a roadie!

hersixxness writes:

Poison/Motley Crue do not allow professional photography or videography…guy totally had a pro camera. He was also asked SEVERAL times to cut it.

Nikki told him SEVERAL times to cut it…yeah he got sixxed…it was some funny shit.

Let’s keep an eye on Nikki Sixx’s TWITTER as he babbles all day about this stuff.

On July 30th he did tweet the following:

Nikki Sixx

30 Jul

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