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Van Halen = New Album? Rumor Round Up!

Van Halen = New Album? Rumor Round Up!


Dave & Ed making some new magic?



Dear rabid Van Halen fans – if you are looking for a factually infallible, dead on, "here are the facts" news update….this ain’t it!

But seriously, a news report that does fit that description isn’t far away as David Lee Roth tells us to "Get Ready…" (http://www.davidleeroth.com) and Van Halen actually open up a Facebook page (http://www.facebook.com/VanHalen). And Alter Bridge/Creed guitarist Mark Tremonti (friend of Wolfgang) starts yakking after sitting in on the trio of Van Halen’s playing new songs live in the studio – reporting back that the band used ”old demos for inspiration for new material" (http://www.vhlinks.com/vbforums/mark-tr … 52379.html).

Plus the band are also hitting to road for the first time since 2007 with dates in Australia in 10 weeks’ time. So we know something’s happening right?

Right! But when are we going to really hear something official and when will we hear the first new Van Halen material since 2004 and the first new album with David Lee Roth since 1983? Soon folks….

What we know is that the album is done and mixed…John Shanks finishing production work on it earlier this year (with other producer names likely to appear inside the album credits.) The rumoured album title is VH ’11, 2011 (or Two Zero One One to be precise) and all rumours point to a mid/late September release.

A single was again rumoured to hit airwaves this weekend, but failed to happen.

What I have previously stated is that I personally believe the new album will be released in October, after Van Halen return home from Australia and a single could likely appear late this month or in August.

I am hoping to have some more precise information from a source close to official goings on later this week. Stay tuned…

But in the meantime, I was contacted last week by an anonymous source with a summary of rumours and "inside" information they happened to be privy to. Ok….due to the demand from fans wanting to hear about anything Van Halen related to keep them busy while counting down the seconds to hell freezing over (the new album appearing in store), here is a summary of the information I was sent.

This is certainly not being printed as gospel or fact, but merely as yet another in the series of much loved Van Halen Rumor Reports that have been printed over the last decade of this band’s colourful history. So with that disclaimer in place….here goes folks….


- Eddie Van Halen was apparently prepared to tour again with no new album, reluctant to produce new songs. David Lee Roth and especially Wolfgang Van Halen wanted to record new tracks. Wolfgang Van Halen finally convinced his father that he didn’t want to go out on tour to replace Michael Anthony, with no new material and without David Lee Roth’s input.

- It is suggested that the music was the main thing in EVH’s mind and David Lee Roth was asked only to contribute lyrics.

- Seventeen songs were prepared in demo form. One was an instrumental. Fourteen songs were properly recorded. This includes the instrumental. A couple of tracks are likely to be held over as bonus tracks for various uses. Management are currently negotiating with specialist retailers for a deal to release the album, with these bonus tracks possible to make an appearance if an agreement is reached.

- Because of distributing/promotion matters, the release date of first single is still up in the air, although it will (apparently) ‘definitely’ happen no later than 2nd week of August. The album is expected to be ready to ship in September. [I still say October…].

- Only two tracks feature keyboards of any type. One is the instrumental which briefly features piano. The other features keyboards in the intro, and ‘lightly’ in the chorus.

- Although Wolfang Van Halen did not write any of the lyrics to the new album, he had a bass solo he was preparing that he titled "Hurricanes", for which David Lee Roth wrote lyrics with the same working title. It is unclear if this song will be included on the album, but it was recorded in demo-form.

- The album title has not been chosen at this point. Many rumours have surfaced… Two likely working titles may be in the running which are "VH ’11" and "Two Zero One One". Rumored titles that have not been officially dismissed by band members however are "Mammoth" and "Play".

This information has surfaced because of proposed artwork for the new album which at this point features a brown circle on a glass table with a silver and red Van Halen logo emblazoned upon it (the circle which looks like an M&M). There is a rumour that the brown circle is supposed to represent both the "Brown Sound" of Van Halen and also the infamous M&M chocolate candy contract rider of years past. The proposed artwork does not show all edges of the circle due to a possible ‘infringement’ with the candy-maker. Rather the outer edges of the circle are ‘cut-off’ by the square-edged artwork. The reverse side of the album jacket features all four members standing by a garden like area shot in a sepia tone. This photo and others were taken in May on the grounds of Edward Van Halen’s studio, 5150. Inner booklet/lyric sheets photos were also shot in and around 5150. [Not sure about this folks…but I guess we’ll know soon enough…]

- Two songs recorded have been selected as singles. One song sounding like an early era Van Halen combination of "Beautiful Girls/Jamie’s Crying", and the other song sounding more in the vein of "Unchained"/"Drop Dead Legs" (this one features a very lengthy guitar solo by comparison).

- Although no song titles are ‘confirmed’ at this point, some of the ‘working’ song titles were/are: "Hurricanes", "Stop Talking" (which is one of the possible first two singles), "Down This Road", and "Who’s Looking Back At You?". Other titles have been mentioned, only these four keep resurfacing.

So what do you think folks? It could be a rather detailed exclusive inside look at what’s to come…or…not! It’s a fun read at very least and further heightens the anticipation of the album and official information. Information I’ll do my best to bring forth ASAP. But until then, enjoy the speculation!

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