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Joe Elliott: “Eddie Vedder replaced Bret Michaels!”

Joe Elliott: "Eddie Vedder replaced Bret Michaels!"


Is Joe a shit talking bloke?


Def Leppard’s Joe Elliott has a lot to be proud of. On the eve of a sold-out headlining tour with Heart and the release of the band’s first live album, Mirrorball, the raspy singer has added the dawn of alternative to the band’s mantle.

“Nirvana and Pearl Jam happened because of Def Leppard. Alternative happened because of Def Leppard. I don’t think there’s any question about that fact. Because of Def Leppard you had your Winger, Cinderella, Warrant and Slaughter doing exactly what we did just not as well. That in turn diluted what we did and people got sick of it. And so people needed something new to turn to and Eddie Vedder replaced Bret Michaels”.

And nearly two decades later is the frontman still bitter? He says no.

“What is there to be bitter about?” he quips. “Our latest single just went in at No. 1 on rock radio in America, we’re headlining Donnington for the second time in four years and of course there’s the Heart tour and a live album. We’re still competitive.”

Indeed they are. Def Leppard will launch their latest jaunt on June 15 in West Palm Beach and play more than 40 dates before wrapping things up on September 15 in Washington.

And the band are not content to rest on their laurels once things wind down. Elliott adds that the band have loftier goals in mind beyond their 2011 work.

“I don’t see why Def Leppard shouldn’t tour again next year and hopefully have a new record or even an EP out for release. This is a band that is trying to get up there with your Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd and Queen leagues. You don’t get there by sitting at home during the summer.”

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