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A generation later, Tomi Rae & Hardly Dangerous still got it

A generation later, Tomi Rae & Hardly Dangerous still got it


Beth-Ami (bass) & Tommi Rae of Hardly Dangerous


A generation later, Tomi Rae and Hardly Dangerous still got it.

By Gerry Gittelson


WEST HOLLYWOOD — It was just like old times Saturday night at the Rainbow Bar & Grill, where legendary Tomi Rae and her all-girl band Hardly Dangerous celebrated the James Brown widow’s birthday with a packed concert upstairs plus plenty of trays of Long Island Ice Teas.

Hardly Dangerous, one of the Sunset Strip’s most popular bands back in the day (boy or girl), remains one of those sad stories about not being at the right place and the right time. The truth is, the foursome — led by Rae, guitarist Lisa Black, bassist Beth-ami Heavenstone and drummers Athena Lee, then Sheri Kaplan – was always a really fun band to watch. And it did not hurt that every player in the band has always been ravishingly beautiful.

There were some good songs, too. The night was divided into two sets, first Rae and Heavenstone with a couple of side players including the great drummer Alan Krigger of Giuffria fame, then after a short break Rae with her original band.

Both times, the band sounded great – and really loud in that tiny upstairs loft – and it was nice hear the old hits again like “Sweeter Than Honey.”

At one point, Ike Turner’s widow came up and shared singing duties with Rae, among the celebrity sightings was the great Max Hodges of TMZ – he’s the blonde surfer type guy who co-hosts the phenomenally popular TV show with Harvey Levin and a few others.

People really came of the woodwork for this one. One second, there was Suzi Bootleg having a drink, the next there was Johnny X from The Wild partying down, then the legendary photog from back in the day, Dave Plastik (now a pro poker player).

In all, a good night, a fun night, a drunk night. And it was nice to make it home safe one more time.


Gerry G & Max from TMZ hanging at the Rainbow.


Photos by Rhonda Woodfine

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