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Donnie Vie: “Every time I see Chip he has another bag of clothes he stole from Steven Adler.”

"Every time I see Chip he has another bag of clothes he stole from Steven Adler.”


Donnie Vie: “I got on crystal meth, it was a mess. I was down to 130 pounds.”


Enuff Z’nuff singer/songwriter Donnie Vie recently did a interview with FROM OUT OF NOWHERE. We checked it out and there is some classic stuff here. It’s nice to hear that Donnie seems to be truly clean and sober. He is sounding very clear headed and even takes responsibility for a lot of his own actions. Many not so good. However, it’s clear that his blood boils when the interviewer mentions Metal Sludge.  Donnie says: "No love for Metal Sludge" and then rambles on about the site and it’s "staff and fans". 

We have grabbed a few choice one liner’s from Donnie’s interview and noted them below.

Donnie Vie on Chip Z’nuff:

“Chip found himself another drug addict to manipulate.”  Donnie talking about Chip playing bass with Steven Adler in Adler’s Appetite.

“Steven’s got more money than me, so Chip get’s to hang out in better restaurants and raid better clothes closets.”

“Every time I see Chip he has another bag of clothes he stole from Adler.”

“I love Chip, I got nothing bad to say about him.”

“They (Adler’s Appetite) seem to be following us (on tour), our pre sales are better than theirs though, haha!”

Donnie on Johnny Monaco – who replaced him as Enuff Z’nuff vocalist around 2002

“He (Johnny) would do his best impression of me. He did a good job. If your gonna have someone out there singing it, I’m glad it was him. He sang it well.”

“He gets to live at home with his parents, I’m  out there stuck out in the world to survive.”

On Enuff Z’nuff touring with Johnny and not Donnie.

“The energy and the vibe wasn’t necessarily there. They just did it too much and drove it into the ground at a time when it was dwindling anyway.”

Donnie on Jake E. Lee:

“He’s fantastic. No matter how long he’s been gone, or how little he’s done – people, still man, really are interested in him and want him back out.”

“He doesn’t like fame. He doesn’t wanna be a rock star. But it’s bad, cause he’s so great at it.”

Donnie on his health & drugs.

"It took me about 4-5 years to get off opiates. I had to go from those drugs to methadone."

“It was just a mess and I was a mess. And then I got on crystal meth and all that kjnd of crap, and I put out a bunch of goffy terrible sounding demos.”

"I was at the end, I was done."

Donnie on his new girlfriend:

"She’s my best buddy."

"She’s young too. Young and juicy and good looking."

"You like older women when you’re young because you want the experience thing. But then when you get older like we are, now you want the young juicy stuff. So it smells like pee pee."

"I am a dirty old man. I got a pretty young little girl. Not breaking any laws. She’s consenting."

More from Donnie on drugs:

"I was doiug everything, as much of it as I could get."

"Our old drummer who passed away (Ricky Parent), he started getting high with me too, and I had a partner in crime. We were just doing all kinds of shit. It was a mess. We were a mess. I was down to 130 pounds."

"Like a cadaver. It was like pictures of somebody who is dead with their eyes open.”

“The thing I worked the hardest on, was finding my drugs.”

“I drank, and partied and got high – because I was miserable. I’ve always been miserable.”

"I’m not packing my nose full of coccaine. I’m not doing pills. I’m not chain smoking pot like Chip."

"I’ll have a couple drinks or a shot here n’ there, cuz when I get drunk, I get retarded!”

“Sober – normal, I am not a complete asshole.”

Editors Note: Right before this last "sober normal" comment Donnie elaborates on him talking with his alter ego, (himself) and how he yelled at that guy (himself), and how he (himself) ruined things for him (Donnie). This is quite the listen folks, we urge you to tune in.

Donnie on Metal Sludge.

“No love for Metal Sludge.”

“If you don’t go there, or don’t look at it, it doesn’t even exist.”

"It’s stupid, it’s rediculous."

To hear the PODCAST interview in full, go check it out HERE

Hey Donnie we love you. Let’s do a new interview and hug?

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