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New York City boys WILDSTREET new video is a hit!

New York City boys WILDSTREET new video is a hit!


New York City’s very own WILDSTREET!                 
Photo By:Ash Fox


We’ll try not to bore you with too much drivel, but fact is WILDSTREET has a sleeper hit on their hands with “Poison Kiss”. Never mind the title or the fact that their name was stolen and mashed up from the 80s bands WILDSIDE and CHERRY STREET! Just trust us when we say, their new single/video is fucking GREAT!

If you like your rock n’ roll with a hint of Bowie/Stones, a taste of Hanoi/Crue and a pinch of Poison/Guns. Then you will fall in LOVE with this track.

It’s pretty evident that the guys in this band could give a fuck what anyone else thinks. And to be blunt, their name sucks donkey balls. But not everyone can name their band Fartbarf and get away with it. Think we’re joking? Go google Fartbarf. They rule too.

Anywho, back to WILDBOYZ, err, we mean WILDSTREET! Let’s be honest with ourselves. Haven’t we all had enough with Five Finger Douchbag and all that “look at me I’m angry and bald” bullshit?  Of course we have. Someone at radio make a call here and play this track now. It’s great, and your phones will ring.

Let’s face facts folks. Buckcherry are almost as old as LA Guns. It’s time for someone to stand up, take the rock n’ roll torch and be proud of a little fashion flavored rock!

The band is on tour all summer in support of their new stuff. Go support them and tell them Metal Sludge sent ya!


Eric Jayk – Lead Vocals, Guitar

Ian MacPherson – Lead Guitar, Vocals

Aaron Joos – Guitar, Vocals

Ali Hassan – Bass, Vocals

Brian Beck – Drums

Follow WildStreet on FACEBOOK & REVERBNATION or TWITTER or iTunes

Check out the bands brand new hit single/video for "Poison Kiss" right HERE.

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