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Retro Sludge, 500+ Classic interviews since 1998!


Metal Sludge has been putting the Sludge in Metal online since 1998.

Take a look back at classic Metal Sludge interviews from 1998 to presentright HERE

There are pages and pages, 500+ interviews with stars from every rock band you can imagine.

At the bottom of page 1, you’ll see numbers 2,3,4,5,6,7,8, etc.. Click the page/numbers, and a whole new list of dozens and dozens of classic Sludge interviews will appear! And that’s just the 20 Questions section! Check out the ReWinds, 3-Winds & Back-4-Mores as well!

Go take a look right now HERE

New interviews on the way for 2011! Share this link, tell a friend!

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