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Guitar Truck (Instrument repair on wheels) Los Angeles!

Guitar Truck (Instrument repair on wheels) Los Angeles!


Guitar Truck – instrument repairs @ your door!

We heard about this through our wonderful Gossip Board and decided it was worth sharing. Who needs the neighborhood roach coach selling bad tacos, when you can have your frets filed and new pick ups installed on your favorite guitar – RIGHT IN YOUR OWN DRIVEWAY!

Welcome to the truck! I’m Mike Cornwall, and I made a guitar repair shop inside a vintage 1973 SnapOn truck. I owned and ran Silverlake Guitar Shop from 1999 through 2006, and I have many great memories and friends from that time. Since then, I’ve been working on guitars for bands in the studio and on the road, and fixing gear for old friends. In 2010, between doing guitar tech work on a couple recording sessions, I was hired to set up shop in a studio and put all the instruments in proper working order. Working this way was such a positive and pleasant experience, I got to thinking about finding a way to service studios and collections with a mobile workshop, in which I could concentrate fully on the instrument without distractions. I started looking for a vehicle that would have the right amount of space and appliances, and I found this GrummanOlsen StepVan to be perfect for a shop.

Anyone with a large amount of music equipment knows, it’s difficult to keep everything running. When something goes wrong, a guitar usually goes in a closet and never gets played again. It just never seems like the right time to take a guitar to a shop, wait two weeks, pick it back up, and so on. For this reason, just about every studio has a pile of guitars and gear that isn’t quite up to snuff. My idea for the truck is to be able to bring a shop to you, and fix all your gear without intruding.

The truck carries the tools and spare parts to perform the vast majority of problems that guitars encounter. I’m glad to say I can do most repairs using power from a Solar Energy system, I only need the generator for running large power tools and soldering. The lights and battery chargers are powered by the solar panel. There are a few things I can’t do in the truck, mainly to do with finishing, but that’s never been my specialty so it shouldn’t be missed!

I’m excited to explore this new approach to guitar and gear repair. Whether you have a vault of a hundred priceless guitars, or a storage closet full of beaters that just need some love, the truck is ready to roll out to wherever they are. No more waiting a month and making a dozen phone calls, have the Guitar Truck come to your place today. 

We think this a great idea! Fuck the food truck or roach coach. Check out the guitar truck

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