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5FDP guitarist “Marq Torien stole $500 from me!”

5FDP guitarist "Marq Torien stole $500 from me!"


Jason Hook of Five Finger Death Punch on Bulletboys singer Marq Torien

I’ve never met a more self-destructive human being."


Our friends over at Rock Confidential recently interviewed Five Finger Death Punch guitarist Jason Hook. They asked him about some guys he’s worked with over the years – and he’s pretty open for sure.

A part of that recent interview is below, definitely a Sludge worthy read.

Rock Confidential: Just for fun I’m going to throw a few names out there and you tell me the first thing that you think of.

Jason Hook: Oh these are always fun. (laughs)

RC: Let’s start with Vince Neil.

JH: I knew that was coming first and I already started to prepare! Sex. Not with me, though! Vince loves girls, man. That’s all I can say. I love Vince. That was one of the most enjoyable bands I’ve been in. I like him a lot better when he’s not completely hammered.

RC: Alice Cooper.

JH: Alice is an inspiration. He’s a role model. Here’s a guy who has had a tremendous amount of success and is obviously a legend. He has so much energy – almost on a freaky level. This guy will get up at 6AM, go to the mall, meet us to fly out at the airport, and go to the movies after we land. I wish whatever he’s got that I could get some of it. He’s been sober for 25 or 26 years and I just look at a guy who’s made good choices. He’s extremely generous and pleasant to people. It’s an inspiration to see how he’s living his life.

RC: Damon Johnson.

JH: My brotha from anotha motha! He’s a fantastic guy – very talented. It’s funny. People still get us confused. I’ll get pictures emailed to me that say “Great show last night” and it’s pictures of Damon! When I joined Alice Cooper’s band I had a full beard. When he left he grew a full beard. A lot of people think we’re the same guy.

RC: Keri Kelli.

JH: What can I say? He’s very good at what he does. He’s played with everybody under the moon. We all had a great time while we were in Cooper’s band.

RC: Marq Torien.

JH: He’s an extremely talented guy but I’ve never met a more self-destructive human being. I’m not talking about drugs or alcohol. I’m talking about behavioral choices. I’ve never met anyone that stands in their own way more than that guy.

RC: Is that with band mates or just business in general.

JH: I think it’s just life. Some people harness success and turn it into a way to open doors and opportunities and get to more success. Some people use success like a sledgehammer so now they can go back and smash anybody that’s ever pissed them off. Marq Torien is one of those guys that doesn’t understand the consequences of his actions. Not to mention he stole $500 bucks from me. Those types of people I usually stay far away from.

Interesting for sure. My how things change.

Metal Sludge did a 20 Questions with Jason Hook while he was a member of Bulletboys in December 2000. Here is a snippet of Jason on Marq back then.

"When I joined the band, friends warned me that Marq and Lonnie had made some enemies …………..the Marq I know is focused, sober, and almost gentle………….that’s the truth." Jason on Marq

We also did a ReWind with Jason Hook in April 2002. Below is a snippet from that interview.

4. Pick the 3 high points and the 3 low points of your musical career to date?

Hi points signing to Elektra in ’93

Low – getting dropped from Elektra in ’94

Hi – Playing Madison Square Gardens

Hi – Playing the Poison shows. Summer rock festivals, you can’t beat ‘em.

Low – Losing a long term friendship with a certain producer, over a contract gone bad

Hi – Joining Bullet Boys

Low – Joining Bullet Boys????ha ha

Read the latest Rock Confidential interview with Jason Hook in full right HERE

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