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Sebastian Bach running out of friends? He says so.

Sebastian Bach running out of friends? He says so.


Baz says he’s running out of friends.


Twitter seems to really let you inside the minds of the tweeter. And it couldn’t be more so than with former Skid Row frontman Sebastian Bach. He’s definitely outspoken, and one to wear his heart on his sleeve. Kind of like Metal Sludge.

Let’s take a look at a few recent tweets from Baz, including some from today April 3rd – his 43rd birthday.

@DimebagzHag thanks so much Rita !!! Been friends w u for over 20 yeArs & i am running out of peeps i can say that about! Cya later!!

Running out friends? Hmmm, wonder why.

@IAmJericho dude u r in LA? We r going out for my bday tomorrow come with us !!! Lets get kicked out of somewhere like old times haha!!!

Kicked out of somewhere? What are we turning 21 or 43?

@MsLauraShields I find the BLOCK function 2B so useful @ times. Let me know about any idiots & I’ll block their ass quick. Whos the fan now?

BLOCK function and idiots? Check your closest mirror.

@Humble520 did not block you . I only block people who are negative towards me or my friends

But make note, you are running out of friends, you said so yourself above. Lol. 

@Sharktank05 Canadian rock fans kick total ass & i love playing Canada. Hopefully will tour there soon , not a tour of Jails this time!!

You mean like this HERE when you were cuffed and jailed for being a jagoff in public?

@HustlerHonei i want to live in Los Angeles now

Make note, we have jails here too, so please play nice when drunk in public.

@IsabelIaDarling im not married. but i do have an insanely hot beautiful funny & kind girlfriend that makes my whole world #FuckingExcellent

Looks like Baz is rebounding from the divorce.

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