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Gn’R guitarist DJ Ashba selling pants, shirts & gift cards!

DJ Ashba is selling pants, shirts and $500 gift cards!


DJ Ashaba = DJ Ashmart?


It looks like DJ Ashba is on his way.

Our boy DJ just launched his new site and related mega store of merchandise.

By the looks of this below,we think he should change his name to DJ WalMart!

He’s selling guitars, tuners, Cds, phone skins, t-shirts, DVDs, baby dolls, ring tones, bandanas and gift cards from  $ 25.00 to $ 500.00! Huh? A FIVE HUNDRED DOLLAR gift card? Is he selling boob jobs to chicks or 8-balls of blow by the 6 pack?


Hey, Nikki Sixx just called, and wants to know why his pic is on your gift card?

Hold it, we’re not done yet; there is also panties, vests, flannel shirts, pants, shot glasses, mouse pads, posters and ash trays. Damn, homie is gonna give Gene Simmons and KISS a run for their kash!

Can we make a request? Hey DJ, seriously, is there a Ashba Casket in the works?


DJ models his garanimals matching pants & flannel set!

A special thanks from the man himself. This is posted on his new site.

"I just want to thank each and every one of you for shopping at ASHBA Swag. Thank you for all of your love and support." ~Dj Ashba

We love us some DJ  – TWITTER  &  NEWSTORE

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