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Gn’R guitarist DJ Ashba compares Axl to Britney Spears!

DJ Ashba compares Axl Rose to Britney Spears!


Britney Spears & DJ Ashba rocking out live.


GUNS N’ ROSES/SIXX: A.M. guitarist DJ Ashba and his girlfriend, Australian model and actress Nicky Whelan, were interviewed earlier this week on the "Hot Breakfast" show with host Mieke Buchan on Australia’s long-running rock station Triple M. You can now watch the chat below.

When asked about his work with GUNS N’ ROSES, Ashba said, "The thing people don’t know really about [GUNS singer] Axl [Rose]… I think everybody has a preconceived notion of who he is or what he is, and it’s just funny to sit back and listen to what people really think of him, because he’s actually the nicest… one of the nicest guys I’ve met. I think it’s one of those things when you get to that level, when you get that big that quick and for that long, I think it’s like anybody — Britney Spears, Michael Jackson — when you get to that level, the media just loves to tear people down, no matter what you do, and it’s unfortunate. The bottom line is he’s done more for this industry of music than most, and [more than they could] ever could ever dream of."

In addition to Ashba and sole original member Rose, the current lineup of GUNS N’ ROSES includes guitarists Ron Thal and Richard Fortus, bassist Tommy Stinson, keyboardists Dizzy Reed and Chris Pitman and drummer Frank Ferrer.

Ashba joined GUNS N’ ROSES in March 2009 following the departure of Robin Finck. Rose stated about D.J.’s addition to the group at the time, "D.J.’s a gifted, energetic guitarist that GUNS N’ ROSES is proud to have on board!! We’re very excited to have the opportunity to work together. GUNS’ radar has silently been aware of D.J.’s presence for quite some time. He brings a fresh approach to our particular brand of mayhem expanding the tapestry of GUNS N’ ROSES live. Once D.J.’s name was in the hat, the hat disappeared!!"

The big question is, when will DJ make a video for Axl like THIS?

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