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Gunnar Nelson sued for trash talking ‘JAXX’ niteclub!

Gunnar Nelson sued for trash talking JAXX niteclub!


Nelson during their rocker bad boy hair extension days.


Former ’90s glam rocker Gunnar Nelson just got sued by a smalltown Virginia club owner … who claims the singer blasted him in the press for no reason … and destroyed his business in the process.

It’s all over an interview Nelson gave on Examiner.com last August — two years after performing at Jaxx nightclub in Springfield, VA — in which the singer calls the venue the "lowpoint" of his career … and insists the owner still owes him $8,000 for his performance.

Now, club owner Jay Nedry is firing back — suing Nelson for over $25,000 … claiming the singer’s "irrational, untrue, and slanderous diatribe" in the interview is not only entirely false … it’s completely defamatory.

According to the lawsuit filed in L.A. County Superior Court this month, Nelson’s allegations "have had a great negative impact upon Nedry’s personal and business reputation, as well as that of Jaxx Nightclub by deterring persons from dealing with him individually and the club."

Nedry is also suing the reporter who wrote the article containing the interview — claiming she never checked her facts.


The Metal Sludge fans are in outrage at this and have commented below.

BUMSEX writes:

i think the funniest thing about this whole story is that gunnar has found lower points in is career than this…


eddie lee roth writes:

The owner doesn’t deserve to be in business,who the fuck would pay those cocksuckers $8000 and think their gonna make a profit?

What’s he charge for drinks in that place.

Yea I’ll have a Jack and Coke,ok that’ll be $2000 dollars please.

Blumpkin King writes:

I would have thought that a lower point would have been playing outside in a parking lot tent at the opening of a guitar center in Northridge. There were about 50 people in there. Big line-up of him, Jani Lane, and Don Dokken playing acoustic. Come to think about it, that might have been the lowpoint in my life.

bonedog69 writes:

Why is a Z-lister like Gunnar Nelson getting mention on TMZ? Must have been one hell of a slow news day.

Z-lister? That’s a good one. If Nelson is Z-list where will that rank Nitro, Sweet FA or Tuff? One can only imagine. Either way, it’s Sludge and we love it. Article courtesy of TMZ

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