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Bobby Blotzer Facebooks about Ratt: “I’m sick of the lies!”

Bobby Blotzer Facebooks about Ratt: "I’m sick of the lies!"


Bobby Blotzer is pissed & ready tell all in a new book.


Hey folks, I’m Perez Pearcy. I came to talk shit and act relevant. It seems I’m not very relevant, so I guess I’ll talk shit. Better yet, I’ll let Bobby Blotzer talk the shit since he clearly doesn’t have much relevance either.

It seems Blotz had a little melt down on Facebook today.

congrats to sullivan biggs agency and the stephen pearcy solo band adventure on the first solo show for his HUGE forthcoming 2011 tour, and the lucky 52 people that got to hear Ratt’s music butchered. Poor promoter! And asking for a rider and his two packs of smokes on top of the monster drawing power ? LOL, priceless.

52 people? Blotz, you may have a point. Stephen going solo would draw substantially less than a Ratt show. But the real question is, how many would you draw? Fact is, you’ve never done a solo tour, so clearly Sep has much more the demand than you.

all will be told in my new book. I’ll tell you this though, im sick of the lies and deception from the whole lot of them in this band. And guess what, who owns the name? two right now…..

Well your first book took 25+ years to compile, with an emphasis on the pile. Please tell us this won’t be out til 2035. In the meantime, we’re crossing fingers for the Robbie Crane book.

Look guys, yes im obviously really burnt and pissed here, yes. But, I want ratt to be ratt. with all of us. Im tired of rolling a snowball up hill to build the snowman. Im also not doing this as a promo for this new book . happens to be falling at the same time. Its all about the love of playing for you guys year in year out, and having a great job, with job security. every single year im re building this band.

Look Blotz that’s your problem. You don’t realize that a snowman only lasts a few months. If you build a snowman in the winter, it’s gonna melt by spring anyway. Duh!

Maybe you should stop writing lame books and throwing your band off a cliff. Then they might hang around for more than a few months at a clip.

Perez Pearcy

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