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X-Poison bodyguard Big John debuts in Rock N’ Lock.

X-Poison bodyguard Big John debuts in Rock N’ Lock.




Brett Michaels’ bodyguard “Big” John Murray, reality co-star of VH1’s “Rock of Love”, has new bounty hunter show “Rock-n-Lock”

Los Angeles, CA February 15, 2011- World famous rock-n-roll body guard “Big” John Murray, celebrity reality star of VH1’s “Rock of Love”, hangs up his back stage pass in L.A. to put on a badge, in Utah of all places, in a bid to become a bounty hunter.

After years of touring as a body guard for rock-n-roll bands such as Kid Rock, Ratt, and Brett Michaels of Poison, whom he also starred with on VH1’s “Rock of Love”, Big John takes his own show on the road to Salt Lake City to learn the ropes of the bail enforcement business.

Big John, a former Marine, joins forces with another former Marine, the beautiful Monika Zajac, (Danny Trejo’s “Vengeance”), as they go through their training as apprentice bail enforcement agents… taking BOUNTY HUNTING to the next level and giving “Dog” a run for his money. Staying true to reality TV soundtracks, like Brett Michaels’ “Rock of Love” theme song and Ozzy Ozborne’s “Dog the Bounty Hunter” theme, Stephen Pearcy, lead singer of the monster rock group Ratt re-recorded a new version of the 80’s hit “Wanted Man” for the “Rock-n-Lock” show. The show is produced and created by LA/Utah based production company ITN PICTURES.

Check out the YouTube trailer featuring Ratt redoing "Wanted Man"

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