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Hello I am Perez Pearcy your new Glam Gossip God!

Hello I am Perez Pearcy your new Glam Gossip God!


"California is looking awfully enticing these days
.." Sebastian Bach


Hi kiddies. I am a newbie.

I came to post about Metal Sludge gossip and of course talk loads of shit!

I will help make sense of senseless rock stars, porn stars and their awesomely pathetic lives. I will be critiquing cries for help on twitter, facebook drivel and their e-rants! I will keep you informed about the latest with everything you need to know.

Speaking of rock stars. Sebastian Bach has recently tweeted that he is coming to Los Angeles on February 20th. He is freshly single and on the prowl. I’m sure all the local Hollywood sluts will surely be excited to suck his Skid Rope. Soon he’ll be in all his glory on the Sunset Strip & TMZ will be there to film it. Clearly he is taking LA seriously and trying to arrive sexy and in style with his KISS cell phone. Can you say 8th grade? He’s even learning to cook.

Check out his recent tweets. Looks like he’s counting the days til his arrival.

Gym / bike / then full on vocal training mode! Gotta get the pipes set to kill harder than ever before! 8 days

On the bike. in the gym. getting ready! 9 days !! In 9 days i will feel supernatural again

“@ILoveSlashh: aww.. are you ever gonna move back to Canada?” don’t think so but California is looking awfully enticing these days

For the 1st time in my life I mAde a steAk for myself for dinner. It sucked, but I made it myself so that made it somehow taste better .

Until next time…toodaloo.

Perez Pearcy

Juice N’ Jizz

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