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Jani Lane seems to be headed for another hard fall.

Jani Lane Dec. interview & now another hard fall!Jani_Hangs_Head_7_n.jpg

Jani Lane hangs his head once again.


Metal Sludge reported on Wed. Feb. 23rd that Jani Lane was going to cancel up coming shows due to am "alleged" relapse of drinking. Sources had revealed to Metal Sludge that this was the reason for Jani’s cancellation of a New Years Eve Great White show as well.

Fast forward 48 hours, and we’ve received the following from Jani’s agent today.“Due to Illness Jani Lane has canceled his performance on February 26th at Biloxi’s Hard Rock Hotel & Casino”.

We also received this from a related social network site called Everything Jani Lane.

Dear Jani Lane Fans, expectant concert goers;

This is the hardest note I have ever had to share with you:

ALL tour dates are set to be canceled today.

I do not wish to elaborate, BUT; I do ask for your prayers and thoughts to be with Jani and his Family at this time.

As a ticket holder myself, please accept our sincerest apologies on Jani’s behalf.

Thank You,

Everything Jani Lane

We found a clip of a recent Jani Lane interview (Dec. 2010) and he talks about sobriety, Robert Mason,  not leaving fans hanging on missing a show (Rocklahoma) & Cherry Pie.

Here are some highlights:

He says he had no business being "anywhere near a stage" at that infamous Vegas show during the reunion tour. But he added that he was the only sober person on stage when Warrant played Rocklahoma.

Jani owns the Warrant songs. The band owns the Warrant name. He left the band on a sour note, but added that "things could have been handled better on both sides".

Robert Mason was a longtime friend of his, but Jani was disappointed that Robert never called him to tell him he was taking the job with Warrant. Especially since Jani turned down a job with George Lynch in the ’90s out of respect for Robert. When Warrant opened for Great White a couple of months ago, the only thing Jani said to Robert was, "Thanks a lot for the call".

He doesn’t really hate ‘Cherry Pie.’ He was in a bad mood (divorce, death of his mother) during that interview where he said he hated being known as the "Cherry Pie Guy". He is thankful for the success the song has brought him.

Jani is planning a solo project when the Great White tour wraps up. He said people tell him his new songs are the best music he has ever written. His new solo band will be made up of musician friends of his from Ohio.

He confirmed that Joey didn’t play any of the leads on the first album and only some leads on the second album. But he said Joey was cool about bringing a session guitarist in, and that motivated Joey to become a "very, very good guitarist" by the third album.

Jani brought up his DUI arrest during the interview, unprompted. He expressed remorse and cautioned his fans that alcoholism affects not only them but all the people who care about them. It also gives ammo to their enemies to use against them. He said everyone should use their internal moral compass to make the right decisions. He said the DUI was a great learning experience for him, and he is thankful that it didn’t turn out worse than it was. He added that his drunken moments "embarrassed the shit out of" him, and that the "past is written in stone. There is nothing you can do about that but make damn sure it doesn’t happen again".

Click to hear the audio interview from Dec. 2010  >HERE<

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