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Top 10 Drunkest (Living) Rock Stars of All Time!

Top 10 Drunkest (Living) Rock Stars of All Time!


The Drunkest Rock Star of All Time – and the winner is….


We have not done one of these TOP 10 lists in oh, about 8-9 years. So it’s way past due.

Metal Sludge’s official Top 10 Drunkest (Living) Rock Stars of All Time!


Chris Holmes #10


Chris Holmes (Former W.A.S.P. Guitarist)

What can be said. The video footage of Chris in “Decline of Western Civilization Part II The Metal Years” is a rock n’ roll classic.

Chris is known as a pure madman on stage and it truly fits that he named his band "Psycho Squad" after departing W.A.S.P. According to his Wikipedia he’s been married twice and once played guitar for LA Guns.

Poor guy, he was in LA Guns & W.A.S.P. Greatest quote about Blackie Lawless: “I want to fight him (Blackie). But he better be ready to make a commitment to go the distance because it won’t be over until he is not walking anymore.”


Joe LeSte #9


9. Joe LeSte (Singer Bang Tango/Beautiful Creatures – Former Adler’s Appetite)

Joe LeSte comes in at #9 and barely made the “living” list. In November 2009 he was rushed to the hospital in Chicago moments before a show and was initially reported as dead. Joe was kept in a local area hospital until Doctors stabilized him enough to fly home. Several press statements noted LeSte’ had a stroke. Joe doesn’t have arrest record to make note of, but according to street credentials – he does have a alcohol intake that could challenge the Cherry Pie guy. Check out some live clips of a drunk LeSte in Los Angeles July 2009 >HERE<. Most famous for being in a band with DJ Ashba who is now playing the Slash role in Guns n’ Roses.



CC DeVille #8

8.  C.C. DeVille (Poison Guitarist and Samantha 7)

DeVille real name is Bruce was arrested for alleged domestic assault on August 21st 2005. He bailed out of jail the following day but was re-arrested 48 hours  later on August 24th for a DUI. He pleaded no contest. CC issued a statement to Metal Sludge about the events. The rumors of rampant drug use in his Hollywood Hills home in the 90s are legendary. Parties including porn stars, rock stars & the late Sam Kinison. Poison was the ultimate party band, but according to some band biographies, it was CC who was on a constant drug binge which lead to his initial departure in 1991. CC has since returned to Poison but into the millennium had some battles with above arrests. Greatest quality, the ability to bleach his hair for 25 years strait and he still hasn’t lost any.


Tommy Lee #7

7. Tommy Lee (Motley Crue drummer & horrible DJ)

Tommy “T-Bone” Lee is a true rock star. We’re guessing the “T” is for Thug and the “Bone” is for Bone Head. He has been married & divorced 3 times. In 1996 Lee pleaded no contest to battery against a paparazzi outside a Hollywood nite club “Viper Room”. He then served 4 months behind bars for spousal abuse against then wife Pamela Anderson in 1998. Similar abuse incidents were alleged from former partner Bobbie Brown about drinking and abuse when Lee was jailed in 1994 (story). In 2007 the Motley madman was bitch slapped by Kid Rock at the MTV Video Music Awards. Lee was removed by security after catching a back hand to the face. It’s safe to say that based on statements from “The Dirt” Tommy Lee has danced with the devil, a lot of drinking and sadly DJ’ing. Best achievement to date: Getting Pam to smoke pot and suck his dick on film for the world to see. Keep it real brotha!




Scott Weiland #6

6. Scott Weiland (Stone Temple Pilots singer – Former Velvet Revolver)

Well we’re not sure it’s just alcohol with this guy. Could be drugs and a heavy dose of plain old LSD. Weiland takes “lead singer’s disease” to a new level. According to one MTV posting “Weiland has been arrested multiple times over the past decade for a variety of drug offenses in California and New York.” He was arrested in 2003 for DUI – but charges were dismissed after he completed some classes. He was arrested again for DUI in November 2007, but denied the charges. Even in recent months Weiland himself admitted "I started drinking again". It’s clear he has fallen or more than likely JUMPED off the wagon. Greatest achievement to date, shit talking Axl Rose. Weiland once wrote a public post to the Guns n’ Roses front man that read: "You’re a fat, Botox-faced, wig-wearin’ fuck!"


Steven Adler #5


5. Steven Adler (Former Guns n’ Roses drummer, admitted crack smoker)

How could we not include Steven Adler in this Top 10 list. According to his Wikipedia Adler has been arrested 3 different times for beating up woman. Once convicted and twice he plead no contest. We’re gonna twist the term drunk here, and say Steven was drunk on drugs. Because according to his own admission, and hours of Reality TV footage and interviews – the guy likes drugs more than alcohol. Heroin, cocaine and pot. Steven was last arrested in January 2009 – so by all counts, he seems to be on the right track for a while. Best Q&A ever – Howard Stern asked: “I heard you once gave a guy a blow job to get coke one time?” Steven replied: “I didn’t blow the guy, it was a hand job.”



Vince Neil #4

4. Vince Neil (Motley Crue lead vocalist & plastic surgey whore) 

Vince is our second member of Motley Crue to make the Top 10 list. The bleach blond bomber has a history folks from his 1st DUI which caused the death of Razzle (Hanoi Rocks drummer) in 1984 up to his most recent arrest under suspicion of DUI in Vegas (June 2010). It’s safe to say Vince has probably drank more alcohol than all of Blink 182, Buckcherry & Avenged Sevenfold combined. Vince has been married 4 times & divorced 3 times. There is video footage of Vince on stage where he is so drunk he is being held up by John Corabi who guides him through "Live Wire". Best ever photo shoot, see above.



Bobby Blotzer #3

3. Bobby Blotzer (Ratt drummer & former carpet cleaner) 

Funny, the name Blotzer just screams booze. He’s like the rock n’ roll Flounder (look it up if you don’t know). The guy is notorious for partying, cleaning carpets and according to close friends, “Blotz likes to get his drink on.” According to public arrest records, he likes to get his DUI on as well. Bobby was arrested and charged with a DUI in the spring of 2010 in Arizona. Some insider reports are that he likes boxing too. Not with guys though, allegedly with someone he’s dating. Sadly, the girls usually are not wearing head gear or a mouth guard. Bob was arrested and booked for a alleged Felony Domestic Assault on his then girl friend on December 17th 2009, he was later cleared of this charge and issued a statement. In his recent autobiography “Tales of a Ratt” Blotzer boasts in countless stories about doing “blow” (cocaine) and on more than one occasion about his ability to drive intoxicated. Bobby defends that he never should have received a DUI because he drives better when he is drunk.  Note, the DUI he refers to in the book, is not the one above. Famous quote by Bobby Blotzer: “I’m just glad I’m not in Slaughter."



Jani Lane #2

2. Jani Lane (Former Warrant lead vocalist & current singer in Great White)  

The Cherry Pie guy is clearly a top contender for the crown but only gets runner up. The rumors of Lane throwing up backstage between songs are legendary. One fan once wrote online: “Jani was at the bar during Billy Morris’ guitar solo demanding more shots but before she could pour them he barfed all over the bar!” God bless Jani Lane. The former Warrant frontman was arrested twice for DUI by the same cop in the fall of 2009 and the spring of 2010 for a total of 3 DUI’s to date according to his WikiPedia. Word on the street is that Jani is staying out of trouble and married his 3rd wife in 2010. Jani is now fronting Great White in place of Jack Russell who is unable to perform as he recovers from a medical condition that requires him  to wear a colostomy bag



The #1 Drunkest Rock Star of All Time

1. Sebastian Bach (Former Skid Row frontman & current side bitch to Axl Rose)

We’re proud to present the Drunkest (living) Rock Star of all time. This guy can sing like a mothertrucker, but he can drink like one too. He also has a temper. Kind of like a tall kindergartner. At 6’3” this guy is all legs, arms and bottles. That’s right, he can swing the mic like a pro, but also has thrown a bottle into the audience and hit a fans face back in 1989 (bottle incident video). Sebastian was arrested last Monday November 15th 2010 in Canada after acting like a shit head. Ironically, he was arrested for a similar incident in New Jersey back in 2002 – arresting officers in NJ quote Bach as saying: “‘I’m going to go shoot [the bartender]. No, I’m going to go beat him up and then shoot him. Wait ’til you see what I do."

Add insult to injury, Baz got drunk and was bitch slapped around on Reality TV back in 2006 after he picked a fight with that fat slob from Biohazard on Vh1’s "Super Group" (review). Let’s face it folks, this guy is a rock n’ roll train wreck. He once lost his marbles on CC Banana (a guy in a Banana costume no less) who showed up at a Baz in-store wearing a Metal Sludge t-shirt. Fans in line said “Bach went bizerk & had the banana kicked out.” Since then, Metal Sludge nick-named him SeBITCHian. Let’s not forget the 2004 incident when Bach threw a ash tray into a $ 12,000.00 custom mirror at a strip club his significant other use to work at.

Best thing about Bach is his wife Maria, she’s still a piece of ass even after 3 kids & pushing 50.

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